Politics: Coup call gathering moved to near government installations & Thai Royalism code used to kick off coup move

  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

The Fascist calling for coup, Seh Ai, has moved his gathering of supporters, from a horse racing track, to a Royal Plaza near both Parliament and Government House, raising fears that the protesters will occupy the installations.

Over the years, protesters against governments close to Yingluck and Thaksin have occupied several installations, such as government house and the airport, in their protest.

  • Thailand‘s intelligence apparatus estimates about 50,000 to 70,000 protesters will show up, where most of them, will likely be bused in by Abhisit’s Democrat Party from around Bangkok and Southern Thailand, reports a local press, not naming the party directly.

The Thai Royalism military code of 9:01 have been used by the Fascist General, Seh Ai, as the kick off time for the protest calling for a coup.

The privy council, Sorrayuth, plotter of the 2006 coup and head of the 2006 coup government, have been linked to the Fascist General as the real power behind the “Comical Figure” of Seh Ai-where Seh Ai, said if foreign governments did not accept a coup, the coup council will shut off Thailand from the globe for an “Internal Cleaning” for five years.

  • “I will freeze Thailand,” said Seh Ai.

One reason given by Seh Ai to topple Yingluck, is that Yingluck is trying to topple the Thai King-a mostly over-used nonsense excuse by the Thai establishment against its enemies.

The scenario for a toppling of the Yingluck government, most analyst says is similar to the past, in toppling several governments.

In the past, a combination of destabilizing tactics combined with a “Judicial Coup” or “Military Coup” ousted several governments. Apart from the macro picture, of destabilizing tactics, court and military usage, on the micro picture, in details, also looks similar.

  • This including Parliamentary Censure with protest on the street destabilizing Thailand, with a confrontation of the Thais, ending with a “Judicial Coup” or a “Military Coup.”

Thailand’s Red Shirts have vowed they will not hold a parallel protest, risking a destabilizing confrontation with the Fascist, leaving the Thai security force to handle the Fascist protest.

However, with the expected 50,000 to 70,000 protesters calling for a coup, they clearly have the number to occupy both the near by Government House and the Parliament. That move would call for a disbursement of the protesters-a move that likely will result in injuries and perhaps death, setting the stage for either a “Judicial Coup” or a “Military Coup.”

  • The protest by the Fascist general, is being financed by several giant Thai corporations, according to Thailand’s national security council, and the cost of the protest will run into the many millions dollars a day.

The calling for a coup, is clearly illegal in Thailand, under the current military constitution. However, the Fascist calling for a coup, Seh Ai, told Thai police he was busy and can not go in to meet the police to accept “Treason Charges.”

  • Lastly, it should be noted that Wikileaks, have exposed the Yellow Shirts, as being capable of violence against their own supporters to elevate their protest “Ferver” to boiling point. Seh Ai, like the Yellow Shirts, is a highly radicle person, capable to just about anything-including self inflicting violence.

Additionally, there is the ever concerns of the “3rd Hand” involvement, to twist the situation, for their benefits, outside of Seh Ai or the Yingluck’s government interest and control.