Thai Culture: Stressed out by sexual problems, E-Sarn region Thais get laughing & smiling contest

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Matichon, a Thai newspaper for the progressive intellect, reports today a mental hospital in Thailand’s E-Sarn region, have staged a “Smiling and Laughing Contest” to promote good mental health as the regions people’s stress level have increased, due mainly to sexual problems.

  • The region, Thailand’s least develop, is fast catching up with the rest of Thailand, bringing old traditions and modernity, increasingly into a mixture unique to Thailand.

Matichon says the mental hospital have reported, that the hospital had received about 700 calles a month for mental health consultations this year, against an average of about 300 calls last year.

  • “The callers mostly complain about sexual problems,” Matichon quoted the hospital spokesman as saying.

Matichon reported that the laughing and smiling contest, staged and organized by the hospital and inviting the public to participate, was a great success, and 100s of Thais “Crack-Up” laughing and the competition. The smiling contest was also a great success reported Matichon.

The E-Sarn region of Thailand, is where a great deal of culture is crisscrossing. The region is home to many of Thailand’s sex workers going against a tradition of close family network, for example. And mixed marriages between Thai and Westerners are massive in numbers bringing Western Concept of sexuality again the Thai tradition.

Additionaly, the E-Sarn Region, is where Thailand’s modernization and tradition, democracy and patronage, old and new popular culture-are in a state of flux maturing.