Royalism: Privy council remains silent after well publicized question he behind Fascist coup call (Up-Dated)

Thai soldiers preparing to leave the fields for Bangkok

  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

In Thailand, there are basically three political analysis broad-sheet magazines.

  • First, and most popular is Matichon, for the progressive intellect. Second is the failing badly, Nation, which is pro Abhisit. And third, is the moderately well read, pro establishment Siam Rath.

On the front page of Siam Rath, in this week issue, published a few days before the Sunday’s Fascist calling for a coup gathering-was the front page picture of the Fascist leader, and a semi darkened picture of Sorrayuth, a privy council.

  • The question on Siam Rath front page, with the two people, was simple, quote: “Whose Nominee?”

Sorrayuth, off course, was the prime minister, that those who staged the 2006 Coup, nominated as Thailand’s prime minister. Sorrayuth, like another privy to the Thai King, Prem, is highly respected by the Thai military.

  • Prem, earlier, said quote: “There is few places where good people can stand anymore in Thailand.”

The case against Democracy in Thailand, boils down to the belief, that Thailand is better off being governed by the “Good People” as Democracy does not work in Thailand. Clearly, Prem, when said those words, was in an antagonized state.

  • Could Sorrayuth, in fact, be behind the Fascist calling for a coup?

It is incredible, that as that picture of the Fascist calling for a coup and Sorrayuth, appears together-and display on practically every news stand in Thailand-Sorrayuth has remained silent.

  • There is no denial of the link from Sorrayuth!

It is greatly unfortunate, that Sorrayuth, and yet can remain “Silent” on a blatant link of him to a group of Fascist calling for a coup to rid Thailand of an elected government.

  • The sad fact, is that perhaps Siam Rath is correct, that Sorrayuth is behind the Fascist calling for a coup.

The question is, how will all of this, reflect on the Thai Royalism? And the follow-up to that question is, does anyone care about the Thai Royalism reputation anymore? And the final question is, will Thailand have to plunge into another civil war, as the Thai Royalism is getting quite an elderly, and getting closer and closer, to the end of the reign.

(Up-Dated) After Thaksin’s son, challenged Sorrayuth, he said he is not behind the Fascist, but said that those Fascist protesting for a coup, quote: “Believes in Democracy.”