Red Shirts Focus: Red Shirts send strong signal “Red Shirts school now teach governing”

Red Shirts Move On: From Protest to Governing

Perhaps it was a coincident, but on the same day, as Thailand‘s Fascist gathered calling for a coup, the Thai Red Shirts, opened a new Red Shirts school in an unusual “Big Splash.”

  • Long-in-planning?

Rumor had persisted for weeks now, that the Red Shirts school, 1,000s upon 1,000s of “Education Meeting” at many of the estimated 20,000 to 30,000 Red Shirts Villages, have elevated the curriculum, from basically “How to Protest in Thailand” to “How to Govern Thailand.”

Perhaps also incidental, to the Fascist coup calling meet, is that a Red Shirts leader, being deny a position in Yingluck‘s cabinet-is taking the Yingluck and Red Shirts relations closer than ever to a breaking point.

  • Why is the Red Shirts teaching the Thai grass-roots about government?

Clearly, the answer to that question, is a combination, between the Red Shirts movement, being interested in governing Thailand, and the instilling to the grass-roots about how “Democracy and Politics” works together.

  • What is the macro-level implication?

Well, clearly, a grass-roots that is more interested in the political process, will result in a future of Thailand, under a dictatorship or democracy, that will have to be sensitive to how they govern the grass-roots.

In the past, the struggle in Thailand, have been mostly, about democracy, freedom and justice vs the establishment or the Amartaya. And here, the flash point of the conflict between the two philosophy, is clearly defined as mostly macro-level issues.

However, with a grass-roots more interested in the governing of Thailand, the conflict or flash points, could be more “Guerilla Warfare” type of issues.