Democracy: A proud Thai historical record? Fascist General goes on “National” TV calling for coup

Thai Fascist on the march

  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

In one way, those who observe the development of Thailand may feel fulfilling emotionally and intellecturally, along with the spirit-to see history in the making in Thailand, as Democracy and the Establishment trash out their differences.

  • Yet in another way, those who observe the development of Thailand may be saddened, of the absurdity and backwardness of Thailand-in this 21st Century.

But as incredible as it may seem, yesterday, a local Thai TV  station, ran an interview with a Thai Fascist former military general. And the Fascist General, went making on TV, broadcasted live to million of Thai viewers across Thailand-a case why Thailand needs a coup.

  • And the Fascist General, that went on TV calling for a coup, is also calling for Thais to join him in a protest, to support a coup.

Well, if Thai Intel readers happened to have watch the interview of the Fascist General, it is the “Old Story” of the government trying to topple the king, mixed in with un-substantiated corruption allegations, and topping the coup cake out with the usual “Democracy Does Not Work” in Thailand because of vote buying-and so Thailand is better off governed by the so-called “Good People.”

Those rationale have been running in Thailand now for about 80 years since the end of Absolute Monarchy, resulting in just so many coups and slaugthering of Thais.

  • And if you know Thailand’s press, like Bangkok Post and Nation, off course, if Thai Intel readers were to read their Editorials, they are filled with talk of “Good People Governing Thailand.”

“There is no place for Good People to stand anymore in Thailand,” says the Privy Council to the Thai King Prem, recently. And yesterday, that is exactly what the Fascist General said on TV, in calling for a coup.

Would there be a coup in Thailand?

  • Well, actually who cares! If in this 21st Century a Fascist General can still go on Thai TV calling for coups, when calling for coup is against the law, Thailand deserves to go down burning in flames.

However, that Fascist general on TV yesterday, off course, is now backed by Prasong, called Thailand’s CIA, who helped organized the 2006 coup. Then the Fascist Yellow Shirts have joined the call. And guess what, the Fascist General openly on that TV program, invited Abhisit to send support.

Off course, the wikileaks already exposed the Fascist of capable of killing off their own supporters, to elevate their protest. And they have off course, occupied the government house and the airport. Then Abhisit off course, killed about 99 protesters. So can Thailand erupt into another civil war? Off course, anything is possible in the hands of Fascist Fanatics.

  • Will the Thais learn anything from even their own history? Most global observer doubt it.

Even with transparency international findings that Thaksin‘s government is less corrupt than the establishment’s own government of Sorrayuth and Abhisit; who cares! Even when there is no proof what so ever, that the Yingluck government wants to topple the Thai King; who cares! Even with the latest and most respected researcher found that vote-buying in Thailand is few and little; who cares!

  • The real problem, for the Thais, is just simple-there are too many Fascist who just simply want power-and that is the end and the start of the Thai story.

But then the Thai story is also about how the establishment propaganda, from the likes of Bangkok Post and Nation-will keep many Thais nothing much more than idiots in their thinking.