Thai Culture: Royalist School insists Ladyboys wear boys uniform because uniforms “Bestowed” by Royalism

Thai Culture: Subservant to Royalty

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel‘s humanity journalist

A discussion occurred on Twitter, a few days ago, conducted by a Twitterer who calls herself Thai_Talk about how a Thai university has refused Ladyboys request to wear the university’s women’s uniform, because the uniform is bestowed by Thai Royalism.

  • The university in question is Chulalongkorn University, started by Royalism about a hundred years ago where the Royalism gave a Royal Insignia to be imprinted onto every university uniform.

Some department at Chulalongkorn University, such as the faculty of engineering, are filled with students who are ultra Royalist and highly respectful to Thailand’s Royalism tradition.

A group of Ladyboys at the university requested permission from the university to wear women’s uniform, but the university said the uniforms bear the symbol of Thai Royalty, and for Ladyboys to wear the uniform would be disrespectful.

  • Thailand‘s Ladyboys have won numerous global beauty awards and in Thailand, ladyboys cabaret shows are highly popular with tourist.

A Thai airline, recently hired a group of Ladyboys as flight attendant, and the news made global headline. Throughout Southeast Asia, ladyboys are increasing accepted, to even mainstream beauty contest.

  • Recently, when Lady Gaga came to Thailand with her concert, she went to a Ladyboys cabaret and said it was one of the most beautiful event she ever witnessed in her life.

However, Ladyboys have also gave Thailand a negative name, in that at the world famous seaside sex resort town of Pattaya, Ladyboys have been known to be highly aggressive on tourist.

Recently, the Thai military quit classifying Ladyboys, when they are rejected from military service, as “Mental Case.”