Royalism: Abhisit’s MP attack Yingluck’s budget for not loving Thai Royalty enough

too much love, is blinding

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Inside Thai parliament, on the current debate on the government budget, a key opposition Democrat Party MP, known as a “Young Blood Democrat” have attacked Yngluck’s budget, for not being enough to promote and protect Thai Royalty.

“The small budget indicates Yingluck negligence towards the Thai Royalism,” says the Democrat Party MP, inside Parliament, broadcast-ed live on channel 11, saying also, quote: “There have long been criticism of Yingluck along that line.”

That “Along That Line” probably means that in the Democrat Party MP’s mind, Yingluck is criticized in the Thai society for being anti-Royalism.

  • The fact is, however, Yingluck have been criticized by the liberal crowd in Thailand, for not stopping lese majeste and there is no hint of Yingluck being disloyal to Thai Royalism.

Only Yesterday, a Democrat Party MP also attacked Yingluck on her budget as related to the Thai Royalism.

  • That Democrat Party MP have called for the Thai FBI and various Thai intelligence apparatus, to operate outside of Thailand to protect Thai Royalism.

“The government have allocated budget to promote and protect the Thai monarchy, however, there are websites outside of Thailand that is damaging to the Thai monarchy…….The government should instruct the DSI (FBI) and various intelligence apparatus, to go outside of Thailand, to the original source of the offense, and protect the monarchy…….It is a mandate of the DSI (FBI) and the intelligence apparatus to protect the Thai Monarchy,” said the Democrat Party opposition MP, televised on channel 11.

Previously, under the Abhisit government, agents of the Thai government, went to the USA to conduct interviews on an American citizens with Thai heritage, on his internet activity, as damaging to the Thai monarchy.

The USA, allowed the move by Abhisit’s government, however, after several human rights organizations protested,citing that the move went against the USA Constitution, the activity was halted by the USA.

Subsequently, the USA, refused entry visa permit for Thai authorities to enter and work on similar situations in the USA.