Royalism: How lese majeste silenced Twitter on Royal money for slum


  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Lese majeste, meant to shield Thai Royalism from criticism and used for political gains, have long been a tool of suppression in Thailand.

  • However, with the explosion of social media, like Twitter and Facebook, doing that is getting difficult.

The following is another example, of how lese majeste, leaves the Thais, confused and not knowing the truth.

But just very briefly, a few days ago, in the local press, reports a Thai Royalism donating millions of baht to a slum community at a location called “Bon Kai.”

Bon Kai, is a slum community, hit hard by the crack-down on the Red Shirts protesters, a few years back, where the Bon Kai area people, are split between supporting the Ultra Royalist Yellow Shirts and the democratic leaning Red Shirts.

During that crackdown, about 100 civilians were killed, and the Bon Kai area was the scene of a fierce battle.

Then on Twitter, someone Twittered, that at Bon Kai, there is two main slum community, with one of them, being a Yellow Shirts.

That leaves the question if the other is a Red Shirts leaning slum.

And on  Twitter, on this subject, one Twitter said and that, quote: “One of the slum community area, did not receive any of the millions from the Thai Royalism.

  • The person who Twittered that this other slum got nothing, mentioned the name of the slum leader who said that, but the Twitterer said, also, quote: “That is all I am going to say.”

I tried to ask for clarification, on Twitter, from people who had Twittered about the Bon Gai area slum community, getting money from a Thai Royalism.

Specifically, what I asked, was that did only the Yellow Shirts slum community get the money, and the Red Shirts slum community did not get the money?

I asked that question many times on Twitter, where I am followed and following many Thais, who track Thailand’s political development.

All I asked was if someone can confirm if that is a correct statement or not, that the Yellow Slum got money but the Red Slum did not. But the answer was, just:

“Silence” on Twitter.