Royalism: Professor pitches Thaksin against Thai Royalism in several exam questions


  • by Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Just very briefly, but on Facebook appears a picture of an exam questions by a professor at a Thai university, pitching Thaksin against the Thai Royalism.

One question asks why does Thaksin pay little attention to the Thai Royalism sufficiency economy concept.

Then a series of answer was given, including, quote: “Because Thaksin is rich and favors Thaksinomics.”

On Facbook, in the posting of comments, most of them question why is the professor at the university taking politics into the classroom.

Many professors in Thailand, at even leading university with long track record in helping Thailand develop democratic principles, like Thammasart, are little more than Neo-Fascist.

Thaksin, Thailand‘s former prime minster, was ousted by a coup in 2006, with the rationale given to the Thais that Thaksin was trying to topple the Thai Royalism.

Mostly recognized now, that Royalism was/is used by the Thai establishment for political  gain, and many in Thailand, a country that greatly respect the Thai Royalism, continues to believe Thaksin is trying to topple the Thai Royalism.