ASEAN Defense: Yingluck tackles a flood of guns on the Thai street put there by Abhisit’s government

Local Thai press, reports Thailand‘s prime minister, Yingluck, have ordered her deputy, to permanently forbid new guns carrying permit and the issuance of new gun retailer licenses.

“I was told to control the amount of weapons in the Thai society………..The last government issued hundreds of licenses to sell weapons and for Thais to carry arms,” said Chalerm, Yingluck’s deputy.

Charlerm also told local press, that in the past the availability of weapons such as hand guns in Thailand was high, giving rise to lucrative internet based weapons sales that can not be controlled, resulting in the ease for criminals to acquire weapons.

“We are trying to fight the drug trade, and because of the profit involved and the ease of acquiring weapons, the drug dealers normally, have a shoot first policy at police, and it is getting very dangerous on the streets,” said Chalerm.

Local press reports, under Abhisit‘s government, about 100,000 weapons such as hand gun, flooded Thailand.