Justice: Lese majeste charged man for distributing Wikileaks on Thai Royalism runs into brick wall at court

Thai Justice: Blind love of King

  • by Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Globe Today, a local newspaper, reported today that a man who is charged with lese majeste, Ekachai, was denied by the Thai court the right to call into witness several “Iconic Royalist” in a case related to wikileaks.

  • In the Thai cultural context, those charged with lese majeste are treated with great prejudice by the Thai justice system. For example, in the Uncle SMS case, the Thai court found Ujcle SMS guilty of lese majeste because quote: “Uncle SMS failed to prove his innocence.”

After being denied bail request eight times, with cancer, Uncle SMS died in prison of cancer, serving a 20 years jail term. Uncle SMS, when imprisoned for lese majeste, is an elderly man.

Ekachai, was charged with lese majeste related to his activity in distributing a Wikileaks cable, where in the cable, three “Iconic Royalist” being privy council to the Thai King, Prem, Siddhi, and Anund-discussed the suitability of a Thai Yoyalty as the next King of Thailand.

  • According to Globe Today, Ekachai, requested to the court, to issue summons on the three “Iconic Royalist” to testify in his lese majeste case, to prove that the conversation took place or not.

According to Globe Today, the court rejected the issuance of the summon.

  • It should also be noted, that according to Globe Today, someone charged the three “Iconic Royalist” with lese majeste.

Globe Today says the status of that case is “Unknown.”

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