Thai Culture: New Thai Royalism promotional music video says only “Real” Thai loves Royalism

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

The word “Thai” if you can believe it, actually means “Freedom.”

But to be a “Real Thai” you have to love the Royalism, that is what the new Thai Royalism promotional song says on TV.

Well, it was “Subtle” so subtle, you nearly would not noticed it, but on Thai TV this morning, apparently, a new Thai royalty promotion video music was launched, and it said in the song, quote:

  • “Real Thai” loves Royalism.

I guess what it means is simply, if a Thai does not love the Thai King, he is a “Fake” Thai, or really not a “Thai” at all.

That off course, sounds a lot like the Thai army chief, who says, those who wants to amend the lese majeste laws, are not Thais and should leave Thailand.

Well, in the video music, there is a great deal of “Great Deeds” and “How Great the Thai King” is information in it too, to go with the words, again, that: “A Real Thai Loves the Royalism.”

  • I guess, that the song also means look at all the great things he has done, so you can not criticize the Royalism.  So maybe, the song is also about how “Fake Thais” should spend 20 years in jail, for criticizing the Thai Royalism.”

But to be serious, there have been so much written, about how if you love someone, you should both praise them, when they do something good, and also criticize them, when they do something wrong.

  • Seldom, do you have people, anywhere on the globe, saying that if you love someone, “Just say good things about them” and “forget everything negative.”

Normally, it is in countries like North Korea, where the leader of the country, demand absolute love from the people, that no criticism is allowed. And I am sure willing to bet, that in North Korea, on TV, the songs that is sung to praise the Great leader, also say something like, “Real North Koreans, love the leader.

  • But I am also curious about love.

In old times, arrange marriage is the norm, and people do not usually get married because they love each other. But in modern days, seems like people will get married mostly, because they fall in love, voluntary, with someone, then they get married. I guess, it is kind of “Barbaric” these days, to force people who do not love each other, to live together in marriage.

  • But love is sure is a mystery.

All my life, I have loved a great many things, but I think most of it, was “Voluntary” loved by me. I do not think, if was often, “Forced” into loving something. Sure, people influence your decision, events impact your life, you change with time, but like “Force” to love something, I cannot remember the last time that happened to me.

But it seems here in Thailand, love of the Thai Royalism, has a great deal to do with force, not all that voluntary, even punishable if you do not love him.

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