Royalism: Thai Royalism charity head, Sumet, should “Sufficiancy” love the Thai Royalism

They say “Too much love make you blind and in that blindness, you do many stupid things.”

  • The Thai Royalism Charity head, Sumet, just blasted away saying, “Thais that went to study overseas, would comeback to Thailand, bringing their western knowledge to apply in Thailand, which had/will cause Thailand to fail.”
  • “The way to develop Thailand is by following the Thai Royalism Vision of Sufficiency,” says Sumet.
  • Sumet then blasted away at the constitution amending process in parliament, and said it must be balanced, not for some special purpose.”

Off course, all those saying from the charity head, a highly respected and influential person in Thailand, is all about “Setting the Tone” for Thailand.

Even Sumet knows, that there no stopping globalization, or stopping people from seeking the best knowledge anywhere they can. And given the internet, you can not stop the rise of the individual and loss of power by the establishment, and the demand from that rise of the individual, with everything the individual requires like democracy, liberty, justic and human rights.

But the tone set by Sumet, in its real world application, for Thailand is:

  • First, because sufficiency is not an economic or developental theory for the planet in this century, but rather, the message of how people should live their personal lives with moderation-so Sumet message here for Thailand, in the real world sense, is that the Thai government, the economist and planners, and also the Thai central bank should forget growth but go for “stability” in any situation, as a rule. That off course, makes litttle sense.
  • Then, secondly, the bit about a balanced constitution, is nothing much more than pushing for a shared power between the Thai establishment and democracy, in what is often seen in Thailand called, “Thai Style Democracy” which, fundamental it is what it is, not-democratic.
  • Then thirdly, that bit about foreign knowledge destroying Thailand, is off course, nothing but trying to keep the “Thai Way Going” against the onslaught of globalism. So Sumet, off course, is hyping Nationalism mixed in with xenophobic anti-globalist. That is off course, in the real world application sense, about his support for censorship and propaganda.

All of that put together, is nothing new, and is just your typical Thai mainstream Royalist thinking.

  • The problem for Sumet, overally, is Buddhism, which teaches that there is no constant to anything and everything is ever-changing.

As what Sumet is fundamentally trying to do, in that tone setting for Thailand and its real world implication, is to freeze Thailand in time, accepting no changes-so that the Thai Establishment, which the Thai monarchy is the center, will stay exactly as it is.

  • The problem here on a personal level, is that Sumet loves Royalism very much and it had blinded him.

The royalist Thai will say, Thailand royalism is unique. Sadly, there is nothing unique about Thailand’s royalism. Take Japan and the UK, two countries with a long tradition in royalism. Both country, way back, is pretty much the same as Thailand today.

But they changed, and adapted.

  • The Japan and UK royalism system, is both modern and vibrant, co-existing in harmony with democracy, liberty, justice and human rights. It also exists right there with a global class modern developed economy.

And Thai Royalism?

Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody, has the right to put someone in jail for 20 years, for insult, and here it is about lese majeste. What is the real world unique about Thailand, is how “Blind Love of the Thai Royalism” in a “Totally Excessive and Non-Moderate Amount” have turned so many Thai people, into nothing but “Barbaric Animals.”

And with that “Barbaric Animal Nature” of Thai royalism, is why so many Thais, have turned to foreign culture and values, abandoning Thailand.

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