Thaksin Focus: Red Shirts source “Thaksin likely return to Thailand when no reason to assassinate him”

what of Thaksin's life?

  • by Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

It was called in Thai language “Car Bong.

  • Translated to English, it is “Car Crazy Comedy.”

The “Car Crazy Comedy” was when lots of high explosives were found in a car near Thaksin‘s home, when Thaksin was Thailand‘s prime minister. As “Car Crazy Comedy” is meant to convey, few in Thailand believed Thaksin was a target of assassination.

The car was found before the explosives went off, targeted at killing Thaksin. Then, police discovered a plot, while Thaksin was in power, to attack his motorcade.

The assasination attempt is not only in Thailand. In Cambodia, on one of Thaksin visit, there was a third assassination attempt, to the level that Cambodia had to seal off its border looking for snipers.

  • That is already three assassination attempt on Thaksin while he was in power and after he was kicked out by the 2006 coup. All in all, Thaksin says there have been four assination attempt on him.

Those who are anti-Thaksin off course, says there is no interest in assassinating Thaksin. Perhaps, afraid it would show how “Barbaric” the Thai establishment is, and perhaps, it would generate sympathy for Thaksin.

  • And yet, in the wikileaks, a high-ranking member of the Thai establishment, told a foreign diplomat straight off, quote, “Thaksin could be assassinated.”

Yet now, Thaksin, while in Cambodia gave signal that he wants to return to Thailand-and gave a short-term objective, disclosed while meeting the Red Shirts. Yet after Thaksin qualified that statement, and said he will not return to Thailand until the right time.

What is the “right time?”

According to Thai Intel’s Red Shirts source, “The Right Time” is when the political divide in Thailand has lessened its severity. What that means, is that currently, Thailand is still too “Hot” for Thaksin to return, without risking an assassination.

  • What Thaksin is waiting for, according to the source, is for a new constitution to be formed and for some clarity and solidity in Thailand’s “National Reconciliation” efforts.

According to the source, the reason Thaksin could be assassinated, in Thailand (a possibility much easier than assassinating Thaksin while not in Thailand) if he returns to Thailand before the mentioned issues are resolved, is so that the assassination, could see the Thai establishment remain in power-with the assassination cutting off the process.

The source said, however, if Thaksin returned to Thailand after the new constitution is in place and the process of “National Reconciliation” has taken solid roots and have progressed, the Thai establishment, would realize that a “Reverse” is not possible, and they will have to “Fundamentally” share “Power” with the people of Thailand.

The source argues, that under such circumstances, Thaksin returning to Thailand, will likely not be ment with an assassination.

Concerning if Thaksin returns to Thailand, before those major “Structural Issues” are resolved, who will assassinate Thaksin, the source said senior members of the Thai establishment and rogue and independent elements would likely be the people who assassinate Thaksin.

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