Competitiveness: “Death Quiet Thailand” could see about 100 to 200 Russian tourist lose their life this year

Thailand has a tourism policy of not talking about the death of foreign tourist in Thailand

  • By Tammy and Pooky, Thai Intel’s  humanity and economics journalist

Sitting there on the balcony of a room at a resort, a hotel employee came by and told me to be careful of my mobile phone because a thief was on the loose and have already stolen 3 mobile phone at the resort.

I though that was the best resort I have even went to, to care so much, but my wife said she will never go back there again, because of bad security.

Then sitting there in the lobby of a hotel, a bunch of police came in. Apparently, a very expensive top of the line lap-top computer was stolen. The hotel manager told the tourist the hotel is not reponsible. The tourist freaked out, and said screw the computer, a year’s worth of work was in the computer.

  • Tourism is not an easy industry to be in. And when it involvs death of tourist, it is shocking.

If statistics proved correct, about 100 to 200 Russian tourist could lose their life in Thailand this year. So far, this year, about 40 Russian tourist have died in Thailand.

Apart from speculation that so many new and first time visitors to Thailand from Russia have exploded up, and perhaps, Thailand is unable to catch up in looking after them, no one quite knows why such a large number of Russians tourist are dying in Thailand.

However, local press have reported that the “Cultural Character Traits” of the Russians have not only rebuked some Thais, but other foreigners, such as Europeans in Thailand, have developed a hostile attitude towards the Russians tourist.

Local press, however, have long speculated that the Russian Mafia is involved in the “Human Trafficking” of Russian women to prostitute in Thailand, along with other illicit trade, and have led to “Enforcement” of control. The Russian Mafia is said to be among the more brutal than many other mafia.

However, other local reports say most of the Russian prostitutes coming to work in Thailand, guise as tourist, are mostly independent operators, without Mafia control. And as far as illicit trade, apart from Victor Bout, local press does not report any specially large presence of the Russian Mafia in Thailand.

Nathan Toohey Reports:

Russian tourist deaths surge in Thailand

Source Nathan Toohey at 10/04/2012

Another Russian tourist has dies in Thailand, reported on Tuesday, citing an announcement from the country’s Russian consulate. A 41-year-old man from Khabarovsk died on Monday while diving with a group of other tourists not far from Pattaya. His death brings the total number of Russian tourists who have died in Thailand this year to 38. For the entire of 2011, only 48 Russian tourists died while holidaying in the popular beach-resort destination.

Russians is having a love affair with Thailand, perhaps escaping the harsh Russian climate combined with the highly attractive value of the Ruble in Thailand. The Russian economy have also posted strong growth, consistently, over many years, as most of Europe is deep in a crisis.

Over 659,000 tourists from Russia have entered Thailand in 2010. This is a 77 percent increase in Russian tourists from the previous year for the same time period. During the same period in 2001, less than 40,000 tourists visited Thailand from Russia, with an increase of more than 15 times in the ten years.

And the Thailand, particularly the Thai Tourism Authority is hot after Russians tourist. Tourism accounts for about 6 percent of the economy of Thailand, and the rise in Russian tourism is Thailand’s fastest growing segment, approaching to be the biggest Thai market in Europe.

Russian tourist are also big spenders, as of 2011, Russians spend on average $122 USD per day while on vacation in foreign countries.

A local press reports:

While the statistics report the numbers of tourists throughout Thailand, most of the Russian tourists visit Pattaya or Phuket. Both offer beach resorts, tropical getaways and a great deal of Thai culture.  With the increase in Russian tourism, there is also an increase in Russian-owned businesses.

As of 2010 there were already over 400 Russian companies operating in Thailand, or about to start. In Phuket, both large and small businesses can be found being run by Russian or Russian-speaking staff. These Russian enterprises include everything from restaurants to dive shops. These businesses make communication easier and provide access for all the Russian tourists to enjoy everything that Phuket has to offer

Thailand have long been known to try to keep quiet on the problem of tourist death. That situation have outraged the relatives of those dead tourist, to the point that there is now a website dedicated to relatives of those tourist who died in Thailand, to tell their story.

However, a recent major news about bed bug pesticide used in a hotel causing mysterious death of many tourist, have alarmed Thai officials to the problem

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