Politics: Abhisit shifts to design Thailand’s future after “Successive” negative campaign failed

Today, the Bangkok Post, a local newspaper for the neutral foreigners crowd in Thailand, reported that the Thai DSI known as the Thai FBI, have come to the conclusion that Abhisit’s crack-down on the Red Shirts unit, CRES, finding of a plot to topple the Thai King, presented as a Mind-Map, is un-substantiated.

Most neutral observer of Thailand, says the topple Thai King Mind Map, was part of a campaign to create “Hatred” towards the Red Shirts, in a psychological warfare to “Prepare the Public” for the crack-down on the Red Shirts.

The Mind-Map, involved Abhisit CRES identifying about 40 to 50 Thais, mostly Red Shirts related, that are linked, with the summary that the whole group, is trying to topple the Thai King.

Most foreigners, apart from those anti-Red Shirts who mostly reads the Nation Group newspaper, laughed-off the map as a ridiculous imagination. However, most of the Thai press at that time, were mostly anti-Red Shirts, and presented Abhisit’s CRES Mind-Map, as factual for many days, with follows up of arrest related to the Mind-Map.

Most Red Shirts believe, that the Mind-Map is a pre-cracakdown propaganda, and the burning of Central World, after the military took control of the area, is the post-crackdown propaganda. Together, the pre and post propaganda, is aimed to “Create Hatred” towards the Red Shirts, to gain support for the crackdown on the Red Shirts.

About 100 were killed during the crackdown, in what most neutral observer says is a massacre, since there was never a parity of force between the Red Shirts and the military, or in simple terms, 1,000s upon 1,000s of well equipped soldiers crackdown on the Red Shirts who were defending themselves with what ever they could.

Abhisit and his Democrat Party continues to today, to deny any responsibility of the crackdown, saying, it was a legal act against an illegal protest.

Currently, according to local press, Abhisit Democrat Party is holding a major gathering, open and inviting all party supporters, to help the party “Design Thailand’s Future.”

The following is from Bangkok Post:

DSI drops anti-monarchy chart case for lack of proof

    Published: 31/03/2012 at 11:05 AM

    Newspaper section: News

The Department of Special Investigation and public prosecutors will drop the alleged anti-monarchy chart case due to a lack of witnesses and evidence.

Pol Col Prawet Moolpramuk, a deputy DSI chief, said the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) had handled investigators another bundle of information and documents on the case, but none of the information was new.

DSI investigators had decided to conclude their investigation.

The team would meet public prosecutors on Monday and close the case before the Songkran holidays, Pol Col Prawet said.

He said earlier that DSI investigators needed to know the sources of the anti-monarchy chart used by the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) if the probe was to proceed.

The CRES distributed a diagram of a network which allegedly wanted to overthrow the monarchy to the media on April 26, 2010. It documents 45 people, parties and media outlets.

“No one can identify the people who created the anti-monarchy chart, not even Suthep Thaugsuban, the former CRES director,” Pol Col Prawet said.

Mr Suthep, former deputy prime minister for national security during the Abhisit Vejjajiva administration, had sent a letter responding to the DSI’s inquiries saying the chart was created by several intelligence agencies.

He could not identify the people who created the chart, however.

The CRES asked the DSI to investigate the chart.

Col Wichan Chottaeng, the director of Isoc’s legal division, yesterday testified to the DSI for two hours about sources of information used for the chart, and handed over the box of documents.

Pol Col Prawet said investigators have questioned witnesses and none could clarify the sources of the chart and offences allegedly committed by people named in the diagram.

Meanwhile, police have finished investigating the cases of 18 people killed during the crackdowns on the red shirts in 2010, and will send their report to prosecutors for a decision on possible charges early next month.

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