ASEAN Defenss: Thai army train all First Army Region infantry soldiers with Urban Terrain Combat skill

Is the Thai military establishment preparing to meet Red Shirts protesters?

  • by Ranger and Stingray, Thai Intel’s political and national security journalist

A local news media, TopGun, just reported that the Thai army had issued an order for all infantry soldiers of the First Army Region, to train for “Urban Terrain Combat Environment” skill.

First Army Region area of responsibility is Thailand’s Central Plains.

No credible numbers exists, but the training of infantry soldiers at Urban Terrain Combat Environment, could be in the many 1,000s upon 1,000s.

According to TopGun, the training of the infantry soldiers of the First Army Region in Urban Terrain Combat, will spearhead, the training of all infantry soldiers, at other Army Regions.

Also, according to TopGun, the training is aimed at equipping small infantry units, in independent operations, in Urban Terrain Combat environment.

While, TopGun, mentioned that the training is in accordance with global trend in infantry soldiers training to meet new type of threats, however, in Thailand, the Thai military establishment is much a “Politicized Unit.”

That “Politicized Unit” have seen the military, on orders from politicians, conduct “Urban Environment” crack-down on protesters.

In a crack-down about 2 years ago of the Red Shirts protesters, in down-town urban Bangkok, resulted in about 100 protesters and civilian deaths-where a lawyer for the Red Shirts protesters, have petitioned an international court, for “Crime Against Humanity.”

Additionally, the Thai military, being much “Politicized” has a track record of staging coups. In fact, Thailand is ranks 4th globally, as the country that have seen the most numbers of coups.

The Thai Red Shirts, is in the process, of setting up Red Shirts Villages in Thailand, with a target of 80,000 such village.

The Thai Red Shirts, mostly pro-democracy and anti-coup, have vowed to protest against any future coup, by mobilizing protesters, from throughout Thailand, particularly from Red Shirts Villages.

The Red Shirts about a month ago, held a Red Shirts music concert, where local press estimate anywhere from 100,000 to 400,000 Red Shirts showed up for the concert.

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