Competitiveness: A Myanmar family taking the best in American home-town cooking to Rangoon (with DPA)

many Thai women thinks of relaxation, but for many Myanmar life has just begun

  • By Pooky, Thai Intel’s economics journalist

As a Thai/American, my Thai father would send me to the states every summer break from Thai school.

“So you will not forget one of your roots,” says my father. And one of the places he would send me to, is a small town near the lakes in Oklahoma. Why Oklahoma? Well, my father has a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand-and his personal secretary, is an American women from Oklahoma.

So you guessed it, for all my life in Bangkok, I have had the best in American food, cooked by my father’s secretary. You name it, from pecan pie, oatmeal and raisin cookies, homemade bread, pot roast, fried chicken, chicken fried steak-and just about everything you would call American food, have always been around.

Well, I hate to brag, but here in some circle of the American community, my father’s secretary cooking is legendary, and my father’s residence gained the reputation, as one of the best place in Bangkok to have authentic American food.

“Why do you not start a restaurant,” I kept asking my father’s secretary, over the years many times, and she would just reply, that my father keeps her busy enough.

So in cooking those great American dishes, my father’s secretary, would off course, rely on the maids and help at my father’s residence for help. And throughout the years, these helps would learn how to cook American food.

It got to the point, that my father’s secretary would just be like the head chef, mostly supervising.

But for about 20 years now, in Bangkok, the number of Thais willing to work at a Thai residence, have been dwindling. And in their place came the Burmese or in modern day, Myanmar.

And so for about 20 years now, a Myanmar family had come to live at my father’s residence. And it was like the whole family of about 5-6 people.

So like the Thais that came before them at my father’s residence, this Myanmar family began to learn how to cook authentic American food. Eventually they got so good at cooking American food, my father’s secretary, who has aged with the years, would leave the cooking mostly to the Myanmar help.

I would not say that their cooking is as good as my father’s secretary, but it is close. And they can cook everything. So it was great, any visit to my father’s residence, even when my father’s secretary is not around, I could always order great authentic American food.

But blame it on Democracy and Aung San, Myanmar is opening up and reforming its country. Myanmar, it seems, is on the verge of a positive economic explosion, with peace on the streets.

So the Myanmar family at my father’s residence, have given my father the notice, that they are heading back to live in Rangoon, Myanmar‘s old capital. And they plan, to start-up an authentic American food restaurant, right in downtown Rangoon.

Where did they get the money from?

Well, they have been in my father’s service for ages, and it seems the entire family never use the money they earn here in Bangkok at all. And my father, perhaps having went to school in the USA, came back to Thailand with a great deal of that famous “American Fair Play” character, and he never took advantage of the Myanmar help, but paid them the going wage in Thailand.

So that is my short report, in how a Myanmar family is taking authentic American food to the heart of Myanmar.

  • The following is from DPA:

Burma’s Suu Kyi calls for constitutional amendments

March 14, 2012 1:48 pm

Rangoon – Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi called for sweeping amendments to the pro-military constitution in a speech scheduled to air on state-run television Wednesday.

Copies of the 15-minute campaign speech, scheduled to air at 8 pm (1330 GMT), were leaked Tuesday to YouTube and Facebook.

“We know that the current constitution is not in line with democratic principles,” Suu Kyi said of the 2008 charter that was pushed though by the former junta.

“Giving an obvious well-known example, the citizens know that the parliament comprises 25 per cent of parliamentary representatives who are not elected,” she said.

The military appoints 25 per cent of lawmakers, who have special veto power over any legislation that might undermine the institution’s influence over politics or the economy.

A criticism of the lack of “rule of law” under the previous regime had been censored out of the speech, sources from Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) said.

All 17 parties contesting the April 1 by-election have been allowed 15-minute slots on state television to get their campaign messages across to the public.

Suu Kyi and 46 members of the NLD are contesting the polls to fill 48 seats left vacant when the current cabinet members took office a year ago.//DPA

One thought on “Competitiveness: A Myanmar family taking the best in American home-town cooking to Rangoon (with DPA)

  1. I wish the family well in Burma, but they must be careful as the military backed government will be in place for some time yet. There will not be any real changes until that govt has relinquished power to the people. Recent statements by Aung Sang suu Kyi have been censored in Burma and the Govt will not allow people free expression, free internet access and freedom to critically make statements against them.

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