Politics & Drama: 3) Violence prone children of Thai Royalism destroying beauty of Thai Royalism

  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist


How activist hate in the name of protecting love

Here in Thailand, they say the Royalist are the children of the Thai Monarchy.

Here in Thailand, they also say the children is a reflection on their parents.

Prachathai website, a news website, reported that at a meeting of a group of Royalist who are against changes of the military drawn Thai constitution, those conducting the meeting on stage, told the protesters, quote:

“We want to say Thanks to those men for attacking Vorajet.”

Vorajet is an academic, and a leader of a group who are trying to change Thailand’s lese majeste law. Vorajet was physically attacked earlier by two assailants, where preliminary photo show they resemble the royalist Yellow Shirts followers.

But it is sad, really, when even Thai specialist like David Struckfuss, says the Thai King, is against strict usage of lese majeste.

The following is from the Bangkok Post:

Anti-Thaksin alliance protests at Lumpini

    Published: 3/03/2012 at 08:12 AM

    Newspaper section: News

An anti-Thaksin Shinawatra alliance has kicked off a campaign against rewriting the charter, vowing to step up their protests if an amendment is touted that would allow his return.

Supporters of the Siam Samakkhi group, led by appointed senator Somjet Boonthanom, pack Lumpini Hall in Lumpini Park yesterday to protest against amendments to the constitution. PATIPAT JANTHONG

Around 1,000 supporters of the Siam Samakkhi group, led by appointed senator Somjet Boonthanom, packed out Lumpini Hall in Lumpini Park yesterday to protest against the constitution amendment.

They were each given a book containing articles criticising the charter amendments.

Participants were also invited to sign up for an impeachment bid against the cabinet, the MPs and the senators who last week voted to pass the first reading of three bills which would change the charter’s Section 291.

The amendment on Section 291 is to pave the way for the setting up of a Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) to rewrite the charter.

Gen Somjet, one of the leaders of the 2006 coup which toppled the Thaksin government, yesterday branded moves to amend the charter as a “coup under the camouflage of democracy and parliamentary majority”.

He announced at the rally that his group would form a committee to closely monitor the progress and direction of charter changes.

“If the committee finds any unfairness in formation or the constitutional amendments, the group would increase the level of protests,” he said.

Gen Somjet said the group does not intend to stir up public anger but simply wants to inform people about the amendments and prevent Thaksin from returning to power.

Asked if the group would increase their demonstrations to the same level as the yellow-shirt People’s Alliance for Democracy protests, he responded that there has been no thoughts on that possibility so far.

“The 2007 constitution hurt Thaksin more than anybody. This government is using the CDA as a tool to nullify the 2007 constitution, which is no different to staging a coup,” he said.

He claimed the amendments would give the Pheu Thai Party absolute power to interfere with the judiciary, the military, and independent organisations.

“I do not necessarily oppose the CDA itself but I have doubts that they will be truly independent from the Pheu Thai Party,” he said.

Warin Thiamcharas of Siam Samakkhi said no street protests will be held for the time being.

He said the group would seek to engage the public through a series of academic seminars along with its alliance partner, the Siam Pracha Piwat academic group.

This would serve the campaign’s core objective of deterring any attempts to undermine the roles and the status of the institution of the monarchy especially through the charter rewrite process.

Mr Warin said the roles and the powers of the institution were not just limited to Chapter 2 of the constitution, regarding the monarchy’s status.

“So, a promise that they would not touch Chapter 2 is not a guarantee that the royal powers would not be affected [in the charter amendment process],” he said.

Mr Warin said Siam Samakkhi will also forge alliances with other political groups such as the multi-coloured shirts led by Tul Sitthisomwong in organising forums.

Anti-Thaksin campaigners such as Mr Tul; Kaewsan Atibodhi, a former member of the now-defunct Assets Scrutiny Committee, academic Seri Wongmontha, and appointed senator Somchai Swaengkarn were also present at yesterday’s rally.

Meanwhile, Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday called on the government to make a political commitment that it would not allow sections covering the monarchy, the judiciary and independent agencies to be amended by the CDA.

He said the three areas are highly sensitive and demand the government’s best efforts to avert any conflicts.

“As long as these sensitive issues remain, some people will move against them. Others will also make a move, so the government will have to handle the situation carefully,” he said, referring to the Siam Samakkhi rally.

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung responded by saying Mr Abhisit is getting ahead of himself.

“The CDA has not been elected yet. We don’t know what they will do or think, and even if we did, politicians have no rights to interfere with the CDA.

“If the people do not agree with the CDA then the draft will simply be dismissed,” he said.

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