Politics & 4) Drama: Must Abhisit always play stupid, to start every political fight?


How a politician pick fights to win support for his cause

Today the Pheu Thai Party called Abhisit‘s Democrat Party, as acting like kindergarten children-in having little substance in its opposition on the Pheu Thai Party.

And actually, that is what Thai Intel have been feeling and thinking now for about a week-that Abhisit’s Democrat Party, is play acting the role of stupid little spoiled child, in its opposition of the Pheu Thai Party.

Take the constitutional re-draw, where just about every day, during the past few weeks, the Pheu Thai Party have been saying, that the clause in the current military constitution on the Thai Monarchy, would not be touch.

And throughout the week, Abhisit and the Democrat Party, have kept insisting that there will be no guarantee that the changes will not be made to the Thai Monarchy clause.

So last week, the Pheu Thai Party, even passed a party resolution, that the clause on the Thai Monarchy will not be change-and yet, Abhisit’s Democrat Party, still insists, that there is no guarantee that there will be no changes.

So between the Democrat Party and Pheu Thai Party it is like:

I will not do that! I want no fight!

I do not believe it! I want fight!

I wiil not do that! I want no fight!

I do not believe it! I want fight!

I will not do that! I want no fight!

I do not believe it! I want fight!

And on and on it went for about two weeks now.

Off course, the Democrat Party, is not some kindergarten children, but smart ass-in that it is keeping alive the issue, to spur hatred towards the Pheu Thai Party-by the royalist, who are starting to protest the constitutional re-draw.

What better to rally the royalist than saying the Pheu Thai Party will change the constitution on the Thai Monarchy part?

“No” Thai Intel does not think Abhisit’s Democrat Party is some kindergarten child-but Thai Intel really thinks, Abhisit and his Thai Royalist ally, are, quote:

“Willing to lie to themselves and believe in their lies, just to pick a fight with someone.”

So basically, the Pheu Thai Party is wrong, it is not dealing with kindergarten children, but just a bunch of, quote:

“Spoiled Highschool Bullies.”

But it is sad really, that even after Freedom Against Censorship Thailand, calls Abhisit a “Lier” there continues to be Thais who actually continues to listen and believe what Abhisit is saying.

  • The following is from the Bangkok Post:

All parties firm on lese majeste

Politicians agree that law will remain intact

    Published: 8/01/2012 at 09:51 PM

    Newspaper section: News

All political parties have agreed that Section 112 of the Criminal Code, also known as the lese majeste law, and any section of the constitution relating to the monarchy should remain intact.

Leaders and representatives of nine parties represented in parliament reached a common position on the matter yesterday as they met to discuss national reconciliation over lunch.

The meeting was hosted by Matubhum Party leader Gen Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, who chairs a special parliamentary committee on reconciliation.

Key participants included Democrat Party and opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva and Pheu Thai Party leader Yongyuth Wichaidit.

Pheu Thai list MP Watthana Muangsuk, deputy chairman of the committee, said after the meeting that all parties had agreed they will not push for any change to Section 112 and that any sections of the constitution related to the monarchy should also be left alone.

Rigorous enforcement of Section 112 has led to criticism by some observers who say that it is stifling free speech.

The parties also agreed that their common stance should be made public and they also called for a committee to be set up to screen lese majeste cases to ensure fairness to those charged under the law, Mr Watthana said.

Gen Sonthi, who led the military coup that ousted the Thaksin Shinawatra administration on Sept 19, 2006, said the aim of the meeting was to seek the political parties’ opinions on the work of the committee. He said they had voiced support for his committee to bring about national reconciliation.

Gen Sonthi said his committee will ask all parties involved in the political conflict and representatives from all sectors of society to find ways to foster national harmony.

The committee will invite army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha on Tuesday to provide information on security affairs and to offer his take on reconciliation.

Bhumjaithai Party list MP Supachai Jaisamut said the meeting wanted Pheu Thai and the government to stay away from changing Section 112 but for the government to ensure the law is not used as a tool.

Mr Supachai said the meeting also called on the Pheu Thai Party and its government to clarify its move to amend Section 237, which covers the dissolution of parties and banishment from politics of party executives as a result of party dissolution; and Section 309, which insulates the 2006 coup makers from prosecution and legitimises their actions.

Meanwhile, air force chief Itthaporn Subhawong voiced opposition to the move to amend the constitution. He said the present constitution was endorsed in a referendum by the public.

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