Politics: So far, Yingluck’s popularity able to withstand Democrat Party’s “Character Assassination”

Democrat Party insinuated Yingluck want to Four Seasons Hotel to take in "Sperm Fluid" from secret lover

  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Abhisit’s Democrat Party, is the master of the universe when it comes to “Character Assassination” and “Media Manipulation.”

A Thai poll, which in Thailand polls are often not accurate, found that Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck’s performance, while still hovering at about 6 out of 10-still managed to show improvement, even with Democrat Party‘s attempt to assassinate Yingluck’s character.

For the past month, Thailand’s Democrat Party have attacked Yinglucvk’s for having an affair at the Four Seasons Hotel and after that attempt failed, shifted to attacking Yingluck for corruption, set also at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The poll found, however, corruption, politician behavior and addressing poverty-still saw a score of below 5 out of 10, which means a failing grade.

However, according to the Bangkok Post, a poll found Yingluck’s performance, increased for 3 consecutive months-to stand at 5.90 currently.

Apart from the Democrat Party attack on Yingluck’s character, the party also attacked Yingluck for failing to control the cost of living in Thailand.

However, if the poll is correct, the Democrat Party’s various attack on Yingluck, appeared to have failed.

Tracing back Yingluck’s performance rating, the historic level of Thai flood last year greatly tarnished Yingluck’s reputation-and thus Yingluck, is now, perhaps, in the consolidation phase, recovering, from her poor image during the flood crisis.

Yingluck, since then, have been giving a great deal of efforts on future flood preventive policies-and news on this plan have began to hit the Thai press in recent months-with Thailand’s Democrat Party, attempted to block funding to Yingluck’s policies.

Again, if the poll is correct, the poll also found the Political Index, of how Thais view politics in general, also showed improvement-last months.

However, since then, the amending of the military constitution became an issue-and many groups, say they will protest the change. Some foreign analyst, says, this constitutional change, can spark a new Thai political crisis.

  • The following is from Bangkok Post

PM’s popularity edges up again

    Published: 1/03/2012 at 09:51 PM

    Online news:

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra continues to get high marks for her performance for the third consecutive month after last year’s devastating floods, a political survey indicates.

Suan Dusit Rajabhat University on Thursday released its monthly political index survey for February.

The survey showed Ms Yingluck was worth a score of 5.90 on a 10-point scale for her performance in February, an increase from 5.48 in January, 5.43 in December and 5.29 last year. 

The survey showed the government performed most poorly in solving corruption problems (4.60), behaviour of politicians/unity (4.64) and solving poverty problems (4.80).

The way people perceive the Thai political scene in an overall sense – known as the Thai political index – also received a higher score, from 5.07 in January to 5.25 last month. 

One thought on “Politics: So far, Yingluck’s popularity able to withstand Democrat Party’s “Character Assassination”

  1. The movement is hardly worth a mention, save for the fact that Abhisit’s numbers are embarrassing. The removal of the finance minister is downright dangerous and the addition of the alleged Mugabe accomplice is indicative of an absence of common sense and moral leadership, but I doubt most Thais care. There is a moral leadership vacuum in the country. If the Democrats weren’t so tainted by their association with multiple military juntas, they’d be at the top of the polls now.

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