Terror Alert: Iranian terrorists threw a party with Thai prostitutes in Pattaya before botch assassination attempt


  • By Pooky, Thai Intel’s economics journalist

Khao Sod, a local newspaper in Thailand, published a series of pictures of the Iranians Bangkok bombers, in Pattaya, a sex filled globally famous Thai beach resort tourist town, with several Thai women that Khao Sod said were prostitutes.

Normally, professional terrorist and assassins-keep a very quiet and low profile-but why did this band of Iranian terrorist decided to party in the open-is a mystery.

But perhaps, they got their terrorism training from the “Animal House School of Trouble Making” or perhapsw, they are attracted to the famous Thai tourism industry-promoted as “Amazing Thailand.”

The Thai Chamber of Commerce University, says however, that tourist to Thailand will fall, some 100,000 to 300,000 tourist-hurting the Thai GDP, by some 0.3%.

But one can just imagine all the Western intelligence appparatus agents in Thailand, now, requesting to their boss, to be stationed in Pattaya-off course, to be on alert for Iranian terrorist.

“I need some extra money for the bars and the chicks, to blend in with the environment,” one can imagine the agents telling their boss.

The Iranian terrorist are here in Thailand to assassinate Israeli officials with magnetic bombs readied to be attached to the bottom of Israeli officials cars, according to local press.

The picture at Khao Sod shows the Iranian terrorist having a party with the Thai chicks in Pattaya-and from Thai Intel’s observation of the pictures, the Iranian terrorist looked very satisfied with all those sexy Thai girls-and who can blame them, Pattaya is globally famous for wild girls and wild parties.

But perhaps it is because the Iranians terrorist thought they might get killed in their terrorist attempt-and can not wait to meet the 77 virgins promised by the Islamic religion, for those that gets killed in the war for Allah.

But it is not just the terrorist, hords of Middle Eastern people visits Thailand, many of them, to experience a more free and liberal life-style, where at home, it is very strict.

For example, at many of the centers of the sex industry, Middle Eastern tourist, have been seen, often with one of their wives, at places like Go Go Bar.

But if Thai Intel readers wonders, what is going on-as Iran is a very strict Muslim country-and Iranians, have a reputation of living according to strict Muslim law, and have a very anti-Western position, New York Times, recently did an expose, of the life of some modern Iranians, in Iran.

According to the New York Times, on the outside and in the open public places in Iran, it is very traditional. But at private homes, often, there are parties with the Iranians that looks like parties anywhere on the planet-with rock and roll & disco music, dancing, open courtship like hugging and kissing, booze, pizza and very revealing modern clothing worn by Iranian women.

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