Politics: Orivy council meets Thaksin’s sister, in “Shadowy” times in Thailand

Thai army chief Prayuth, a nice guy in general, but with an explosive hot temper that gets the better of him

  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

To say the least, the combination, when the rising star of Thailand, Thaksin became more popular than anyone in Thailand’s recent history and a long put in place Thai establishment that revolves around the Thai King, met-it was not a pleasant experience for Thailand-with the 2006 coup being the visible result.

And it all began, one day, at a hotel lobby, where a very high-society women of Thai Royal blood, confronted Thaksin on purpose, pointed to Thaksin face, and said, quote: “I am going to destroy you.”

After that, you got the arch royalist, Yellow Shirts and Abhisit forming an alliance, and went destabilizing Thailand for years and years-coup thrown in between and everything in Thailand, from justice to independent units, academics to media-and like every thing else, all became corrupted with the mission to destroy Thaksin.

Fast forward all of that to yesterday, for the second time, Prem, the head council to the Thai King and Thaksin’s sister, Yingluck, the prime minister of Thailand, have met at a mega-party-and there were all smiles.

Prem, even at 92, looked vibrant and filled with life last night-very polite, and moved with that slow deliberate calculated inertia that have seen him gained the reputation as “The Killer of the Chao Phraya River.”

And Yingluck, was extremely subservice, even being the prime minister, granted Prem, persistence respect, throughout the evening celebration-as Matichon, a newspaper for the neutral intellectuals in Thailand says-the event was filled with the Thai King composed music.

But as Bangkok Post, also a neutral observer of events in Thailand says, it was only a “Baby Step” in a reconciliation attempt in Thailand.

Well, while the picture was crystal clear for Bangkok Post, Thai Intel sees these times as very “Shadowy.”

“No” it is not because Prem have made these type of smiling slow motion moves with his opponents before, before cutting their throats, in the past-or because behind Yingluck’s highly accommodative moves to Prem, sits the Red Shirts, the muscle of Thaksin, ready also to cut Prem’s throat.

But in this Cold War period in Thai politics, Prem’s and Yingluck’s proxies are struggling openly.

The Thai military, under Prem, have bought 100% into the philosophy of Absolute Monarchy. The Red Shirts, under Thaksin and Yingluck, have also bought 100% into democracy. With Prem’s and Yingluck’s proxies, a compromise is virtually impossible.

And they have been going at it.

The visible part of that struggle, is the Red Shirts charge that the Thai military is planning a coup soon-part of a plot discovered last year, to get rid of Yingluck’s government before the House of 111, banned Grade A, super-Thai politicians, mostly on Thaksin side, are free to enter politics again-in what most analysis say, will “Super-Charge” Yingluck’s grip over Thailand.

And while, the Thai military have said they heard of no coup plans, they refused to make a statement that they will not stage a coup. Then Yingluck, for the past few weeks, have been making many meetings with Thailand’s intelligence apparatus. Thai Rath, a far extreme right wing newspaper says, “Things are not normal right now.”

But there continues to be hope for Thailand to reconcile.

As the Bangkok Post noted, that this is a small step for Thailand-but clearly, Prem understands Yingluck desperately needs to shore up her position with the Thais, after such a miserable performance with the Thai flood crisis-and when the newspaper floats Coup reports.

This party yesterday, staged by Yingluck, was to say thanks to all who helped Thailand get past that flooding, and the theme was “Love Thailand and Thailand Move Forward.”

As Matichon said, there were calls for Prem not to attend last night party event, and there were widespread speculation that Prem will cancle his attendance. But Prem showed up, perhaps knowing Yingluck needed him.

Whatever or however one analyze this, in the Thai culture, or Western culture at that-Yingluck now owes Prem a favor-and thus, both Prem and Yingluck, are tied together now in some cultural ways that is more than politics-and have a working relationship to build on-and that is important in meaning that if it ever comes to the worse case scenario, that all important one phone call, between Yingluck and Prem, can probably be made now, with increase ease.

Thai Intel just hope, that Prem, at 92, will have enough time and intention to help Yingluck, get Thailand back together as one united people again-for the Thai people’s sake, and also for the sake of the Thai King, not perfect, but who probably have had enough of seeing his children fight.

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