Diplomacy: Iconic Royalist accuses Obama of using CIA to topple Thai Royalism

  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Normally, Thai Intel does not report on the “Insane Ranting” of mentally ill people.

However, the iconic Royalist, Sondhi of the Yellow Shirts, on broadcast TV, yesterday accused Obama is using the CIA to topple the Thai King.

“The CIA is secretly funding groups with the aim of toppling the Thai King,” said Sondhi.

  • Lese Majeste Concern:

Obamas‘s problem in Thailand started, when Kristy Kenny, the USA ambassador to Thailand, said lese majeste usage in Thailand was inconsistent with international laws, to which Thailand is a party of.

The USA move on Thai lese majeste, follows a string of other, like the UN, EU and just about every global level rights and freedom groups, calling for Thailand to amend the lese majest laws, that have seen people jailed for 20 years, for insults on the Thai royalty.

And the royalist Thais have protested the USA embassy over this USA call on lese majeste, with 100s of royalist Thais, blasting away in anger, at the USA Thai Embassy Facebook page.

Then there was the USA terrorism warning on Bangkok, to which the Royalist said it was a CIA infringement on Thailand’s sovereignty.

  • Royalist Impact on Thai American Relations:

There may not be significant impact to the USA, from Sondhi’s accusations on Obama.

Yet there is a risk, because Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck, is highly sensitive to the threats from the Royalist.

And there are some delicate negotiations going on between the USA and Thailand-for example, the USA initiated Trans Pacific Partnership, to which earlier, Yingluck said she is in favor of joining.

And Sondhi, while seeing his influences diminished in recent years, may just have some power left.

  • A Far Extreme Right Wing Media:

The very sad fact is, Sondhi’s media is very popular with the Thai nationalist and royalist. For example, Manager Newspaper on the internet, a Sondhi flagship, is ranked among the top 10 most popular news site in Thailand.

Apart from the problems for the Americans, the problem for Thailand in general, is that no one in Thailand, quite knows what to do with Sondhi, as well. All Sondhi says, between all those utterances that sounds insane, is that he loves the Thai King.

  • Protected by Royalism:

And who dares touches people who say they love the Thai King?

For example, a few days ago, Sondhi called for the Thai military to stage a coup, and reason given, is to protect the reputation of the Thai King. Obviously, Sondhi, have no clue at all, so wrapped up in his own world, that most human beings do not build reputations with coup.

But again, Sondhi, has some type of weird and unique Thai power.

For example, he went to occupy the airport, that by international treaty, is an act of terrorism. Yet he has this “Immunity Card” granted to him by the Thai courts. There are many other illegal activity by Sondhi, but for some reason, he has always escaped justice.

Then under the constitution, calling for a coup is illegal. But then Sondhi can go around calling for coups 24 hours a day, and still he is untouchable.

  • The Bottom Line:

God knows where Thailand is heading, when this type of insane people, are allowed to do anything, just because they say they worship the Thai King.

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