Democracy: Several iconic Royalist calls for “coup” to protect Thai Royalism reputation

  • by Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Just briefly:

Local news reports the iconic leader of the Yellow Shirts, Sondhi, calling for a coup to protect the Thai King‘s reputation. That call was backed by the Thai military prep-school former students association, in calling for a coup, also to protect the Thai King’s reputation.

Both, Sondhi and the association leader, feel that calls to amend the lese majeste laws in Thailand, will lead to an erosion of the Thai King’s reputation. Currently, anyone who has anything negative to say about the Thai King, faces 20 year jail time.

  • The man in charged of the cyber unit that cracks down on lese majeste offenders, told the New York Times that anti-monarchist sentiment in Thailand, exploded up-ward after the 2006 coup.

That 2006 coup, cited Thaksin as being an anti-monarchist-as a rationale for the coup.

However, local press, currently, is focused on Yingluck appointment of a reform hawk to the Defense Minister post. News outlet in Bangkok, such as the Bangkok Post, predicts a confrontation between the Thai military establishment and Yingluck’s new Defense Minister-ove laws governing the relationship between the government and the military, which by most account currently, the Thai military exists as an independent state within a state.

Some western military analysts, tell Thai Intel, that the Royalist current call for a coup and the protection of the Thai King, with link to the highly explosive lese majeste laws situation, is an attempt by the Royalist to exploit the wage created with the appointment of the new Defense Minister.

The latest, is that the Defense Minister and the Thai military establishment, have made statement for coexistence, down playing the type of report in the Bangkok Post. The former Defense Minister, highly accommodative to the Thai military establishment, was moved to become Yingluck’s deputy in charged of national security.

A Thai poll yesterday, also found that about 85% of the Thais are against the disposing of the Yingluck Government, but cited the lese majeste situation and an attempt to redraw Thailand’s constitution-as reasons for concerns.

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