Thai Culture: A string of shocking incidents indicates a Thai population torn between sanity & insanity

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist
  • How do you explain a very creative Thai singer smoking grass in a foreign country that grass is legal, but being hounded for it by Thailand‘s anti-narcotics national level unit?
  • How do you explain a thief who stole US$10 from 7/11 being sentence for 15 years in jail by the Thai court, said to set an example for society?
  • How do you explain Thai press foundation complaining of press intimidation by the government for putting a video camera in the political party headquarter news room, when Thailand’s press practices massive self-censorship and is rated “Not Free?”
  • How do you explain an airport custom official slapping a security guard at Thailand’s main airport, one of the newest, most modern and busiest globally, because he is a big-shot, and turning Thailand into the global airport security joke?
  • How do you explain a group of pro-Democracy Royal blood Thais, issuing a letter supporting a re-draw of the lese majeste law, when every Thai political party say they will not touch the lese majeste law?
  • How do you explain Thailand having one of the globe’s largest sex tourism industry, but newspapers shout “Degradation” when a foreign porn video maker comes to Thailand to make porn?
  • How do you explain the Thai army chief telling Thais to leave Thailand, go live in other countries because they are not Thais,  if they do not respect Thailand’s lese majeste laws-that puts people in jail for 15 to 20 years for a few insults?
  • How do you explain an academic gathering at Thailand’s best university, Chula, to discuss Thailand’s government sponsored financial re-engineering bill, and inviting only the Thai opposition political party to address the meet?
  • How do you explain, that months and months and months after a Thai high-society from a well-connected family killed about 10 people in an expressway “horrific” accident, is still not in jail?
  • How do you explain the Thai press rumors of western tourist in Phuket, Thailand’s globally renowned resort island, going in droves to eat elephant meat at some restaurant, as a cause of illegal killings of elephants?
  • How do you explain the Thai military and every media, promoting for children to visit military bases to play with real weapons of war, on Thailand’s “Children Day.”
  • How do you explain a Thai women going on TV and said she stalked a women with the aim of “Slapping the Shit Out of the Women” because the women she was going to slap, did not stand up in a movie theatre during the Thai King promotion short film?
  • How do you explain how just so many Thais believed and media reported that Thailand’s biggest dam will break last New Year‘s eve, as the father of a dead child said that the dead child predicted some 30 to 40 years ago?
  • How do you explain, very well to do Thais who are highly educated, part of the Thai establishment with a long track record of killing protesting Thais, being totally in love with the Bhutan Model where the life of every butterfly is respected?
  • How do you explain the Royalist, Yellow Shirts and Nation Media Group, staunch supporters of a Dictatorship Thailand, calling themselves “Independent and Democratic?”
  • How do you explain a suspect murderer who is a Democrat Party MP, refusing to hand over his car and gun for police forensic, and protected by the Democrat Party, when the Democrat Party of Thailand says the party is about the “Rule of Law?”

If you think Thai Intel is making any of the above up, think again!

The fact is, pick up a Thai newspaper, any day, and there is news there of the type of craziness mentioned above, that can fill the whole planet with mental illness.

  • Off course, in other societies, there are also incidents of shocking behavior, that tends to indicate a society verging on insanity.

Like in many Western countries, shocking incidents of some derange gunman going out to kill a whole bunch of people happens all the time. Then looking at Lady Gaga, one wonders if there is any sanity left on the planet.

But the different is that in Thailand, shocking incidents are the norm of everyday life, going on with average people!

  • How are the Thais surviving this onslaught of mental illness? Well, believe it or not, the best-selling medicine in Thailand-is first aspirin or substitutes and then anti-stress plus anti-depression medication. Then Thailand’s alcohol beverage consumption, is one of the highest globally. Then, again, believe it or not, the Thais are the only people in Asia, that is living a falling shorter life-span on average.

2 thoughts on “Thai Culture: A string of shocking incidents indicates a Thai population torn between sanity & insanity

  1. Explanation 1: Cognitive dissonance followed by denial.
    Explanation 2: Delusions of grandeur.
    Explanation 3: Brainwashed Thais who started out being dim and got dimmer.

    That ought to cover it.

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