Justice: A global lawyer comes to Thailand against Thai establishment’s “War Crime” past

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

The global modern concept of “The Rule of Law” and Thailand‘s aged old tradition of “The Rule of Anything Goes” are clashing, like never before, in Thailand.

Thailand’s aged old tradition that sees everything as a deal to be made, have greatly sharpened Thailand’s belief in its ability to negotiate itself out of every crisis. But increasing, the price is the break-down of “The Rule of Law” where that the break down, actually feeds the occurrences of crisis-that is getting more and more complex and difficult to solve.

  • It is a never ending cycle of  “A dog chasing its own tail” here in Thailand. For example, the coups democracy coups democracy cycle-has been going on for a long time now-repeatedly-with only few Thais learning from it-where those who have learned something, are mostly powerless to break the cycle.

But global standard of “The Rule of Law” is fast clashing with that Thai tradition.

Nowhere can it be seen more than the so many clashes between the Thai establishment’s military and protesters-that have resulted in the lost of so many protesters lives over the years-where never, once, was there accountability.

Matichon, a newspaper for the intellectuals here in Thailand, just reported that Robert Amsterdam, the lawyer that took the Thai establishment crack-down on the Red Shirts a few years back to the International Criminal Court-has arrived in Thailand and went to Thai prison to interview those arrested-for more evidence.

The Bangkok Post reports:

Democrat list MP Vachara Phetthong said on Wednesday he has sent a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung asking him to order police to arrest Robert Amsterdam, a lawyer acting for deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

He said Mr Amsterdam is the subject of a lese majeste complaint  filed with Crime Suppression Division police on Feb 19 against him over contents in his book “Massacre in Bangkok”.

Mr Vachara said Mr Amsterdam had travelled to Thailand and was seen at a Bangkok prison visiting  some red-shirts in detention.  He did not say when Mr Amsterdam arrived. Since Mr Amsterdam is the subject of lese majeste complain filed with police he should be arrested.

But it is not just Robert Amsterdam, that is bringing global level “Rule of Law” to Thailand.

The United Nations just made a statement calling for Thailand, to conform to international standards on freedom of expression-relating to lese majeste. Then at the start of the year, (xxx censored xxx) plane was seized in Germany, because what Thailand did to a German firm here in Thailand, made it to the German courts.

The list goes on and on, where Thailand’s tradition of anything goes and the global rule of law standard are clashing-for another example, is the Thai International Film Festival corruption scandal exposed in a foreign country.

Overall, the bottom-line, is that it is hitting Thailand’s development efforts.

The following is from Joseph Stiglitz:

Joseph Stiglitz will be appearing @Forum_2000 panel “The Rule of Law & Global Economic Performance” at 11am GMT. Live @

Here you can watch the live video broadcast of the main panel discussions held during this year’s 15th Forum 2000 Conference, “Democracy and the Rule of Law”. Shortly following the conference, video recordings of these discussions and other events will be posted here.

Monday, October 10

Žofín Palace, Forum Hall

10.00–10.15      Opening of the Conference 

10.15–11.45      Perspectives of Democracy and the Rule of Law in the 21st Century

12.00–13.30      The Rule of Law and Global Economic Performance

14.30–16.00      Democracy and the Rule of Law: Legality vs. Legitimacy?

16.15–17.45      The Rule of Law in Asia

Žofín Palace, Conference Hall

12.00–13.30      Religious Law and Human Rights

14.30–16.00      A New Aid System for the Era of Globalization

16.15–17.45      Responsibility to Protect

18.00–19.30      The Rule of Law in Russia

Tuesday, October 11

Žofín Palace, Forum Hall

10.00–11.30      Religion, Ethics and Law
11.45–13.15      Corruption and Society
14.30–16.00      Law and Individual
16.15–17.30      Recent Developments in the Middle East and North Africa: Perspectives for Democracy and the Rule of Law
17.30–17.45      Closing of the Conference

Žofín Palace, Conference Hall

10.00–11.30      Legal Institutions and Transition Success

11.45–13.15      Russia: Can It Adapt to the Rapidly Changing World?

16.15–17.30      Economic Globalization and Human Rights

More information about the conference and its updated program can be found here.

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