Democracy: 4) Political Prisoner Thailand “”Provides Resource Link” on the 6th October 1976 crack-down

some Thai that works for the establishment

The joke going around on twitter, is that in 1976 the Thai establishment said, quote “killing communist is not a sin” and a few years ago with the Red Shirts, the Thai establishment said, quote “killing anti-monarchist is not a sin.”

The joke is, next time the Thai establishment will say, quote: “killing Thais that does not vote for us is not a sin” and on it will go, until the Thai establishment runs out of excuses to kill, and then they will say, quote “it is not a sin to kill anyone we do not like.”

The Following is from Political Prisoner Thailand

PPT joins with others in remembering the terrible events of 6 October 1976.

We have mentioned this before: The BBC has a program in its Witness series on the October 1976 events in Thailand, with  archival audio footage of reporting from the time and Ajarn Puey Ungpakorn, and a present-day interview with Ajarn Thongchai Winichakul. Read Puey by following the links here.

PPT has Ajarn Puey’s famous “letter” that he wrote following the 1976 military coup and published as a pamphlet by The Union of Democratic Thais in the U.S. Our post from last year deserves attention again.

Prachatai has published a series of gruesome new photos from the horrific events.

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