ASEAN Defense: Is Prayuth under pressure from CIA trained Prasong to stage a coup?

  • By Stingray, Thai Intel’s national security journalist

Prasong, who master-minded the 2006 coup, said today that there will be a coup in Thailand, if the Yingluck government helps Taksin.

In Thailand, staging a coup, needs the pushing of mainly the Thai army, to which Prayuth, is the Thai army chief. Prasong is close to many retired senior commanders of the Thai military, who promoted Prayuth up the rank.

The moves comes on top of rumors here in Bangkok, that a group of pro-coup members of the Thai establishment have secretly met at a seaside resort, Hua Hin, in Southern Thailand, to discuss the possibility of staging a coup.

The rumors also comes on top of published reports that Prayugh have called for the Yong Turk in Thailand’s military to be ready to stage a coup, if Yingluck removes him from the Thai army chief post.

Prasong, have had some official training from the CIA, and is considered to be very close to Prem, the privy council to the Thai king.

The following is the background on Prasong:

Prasong Soonsiri is a Thai politician, and former Royal Thai Air Force squadron leader, Thai Foreign Minister, and head of the Thai National Security Council. Prasong has been a long-time critic of Thaksin Shinawatra since Thaksin’s entry into politics in 1994. Thaksin joined the Palang Dharma Party in late 1994 under the invitation of Chamlong Srimuang, who had just reclaimed the position of party leader from Boonchu Rojanastien. In a subsequent purge of Boonchu-affiliated PDP Cabinet ministers, Thaksin was appointed Foreign Minister, replacing Prasong Soonsiri.

Prasong was a central figure in the 19 September 2006 Thai military coup that overthrew Thaksin Shinawatra’s elected government. Prason had developed plans for a military coup as early as July 2006. A palace insider, Prasong was later appointed by the junta to the National Legislative Assembly.

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