Compttitiveness: Malaysians brave Thai “Terrorism” for Thai chicks to escape Malaysians “Moral Police”

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist
  • I am like just so LMAO here!

OK, everyone knows, that Thailand‘s Deep South town of Sugai Kolok-is a hot bed of terrorist activity.

That is definitely a very big negative. But then Sugai Kolok, is also known as a “Party Town” with lots of sexy babe, available for a price.

And Sugai Golock, is like just so close to major Malaysian cities and town-and in Malaysia, there is this thing about “Moral Police” going on.

But what does the Malaysians decides to do?

It is lets rock and roll, roll the dice-and have a great party.

The extent of what people will do for good, great and ultimate sex-just knows no bound.

The following is from the New Straits Time:

‘Residents will bounce back in no time’


A BILLBOARD bearing an image of a comely woman wearing a tudung rises high above a newly-opened Islamic bank in Sugai Golok, adding a new dimension to the worn-out landscape of the southernmost town in Thailand.

Other commercial buildings nearby have also gone through facelifts for enterprises such as vehicle distributorships and provide a more vibrant economic outlook of the town.

For a moment, visitors begin to develop an impression that Sungai Golok is unaffected by random violence, killings and bombings in the Thai south over the past few years.

The modern landscape still sits cheek-by-jowl with rows of old wooden shophouses which sell everything that the average consumers look for.

But the town does not owe its popularity to such sober enterprises among Malaysians, who count shopping and entertainment as their twin interests.

In some sections of Sungai Golok, people cannot walk more than a few metres without seeing either a karaoke joint, massage parlour or a bar.

This is where the seedier part of entertainment such as prostitution flourishes, an industry that has largely defined much of the perception of the area among Malaysians.

Prostitution, however, is illegal in Thailand, but the trade, it is said, has been tolerated by the authorities.

Malaysian men looking for cheap thrills prefer the town as they need not worry about moral policing or raids by the authorities.

At least for the people of Kelantan, Sungai Golok is hailed as an overseas destination as it is only a 45-minute drive from Kota Baru.

The positive changes over the last two years in Sungai Golok have also renewed the confidence of Malaysians to return in droves for a spot of shopping and leisure.

Another attraction is the minimal language barrier as Thai shop assistants can speak in Malay (in Kelantan dialect), some English or certain Chinese dialects.

For a town with a much smaller population than Kuala Lumpur, Sungai Golok has a higher concentration of massage parlours and karaoke bars.

Those familiar with the town have attributed its survival to the two establishments as the main economic engine.

Other than petrol, diesel, cooking oil, flour and sugar, almost everything else is cheaper in Sugai Golok compared with Malaysia.

Another long-standing attraction is the knock-off items such as handbags from major designer brands.

For those seeking spiritual serenity, there are Buddhist temples in and around the small town to offer prayers and find solace.

It is within this mix of offerings that Sungai Golok remains an exciting place to visit, despite the risk of another insurgent attack.

Every corner of the town, it seems, is a good place to set up hotels, which are another selling point for its tourism sector.

Sungai Golok may have suffered another violent incident on Friday, but according to its former assemblyman, Wan Anuar Wan Jaafar, the people are so resilient that they can come together and rebuild their lives in a short period of time.

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2 thoughts on “Compttitiveness: Malaysians brave Thai “Terrorism” for Thai chicks to escape Malaysians “Moral Police”

  1. Trans-gas pipeline project between Malaysia – Thailand.

    Taksin-Singapore-Israel relations.

    Why creating political stability in southern part of Thailand?

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