Justice: The politicization of Thai corruption, called “Worse in History”

Thai military says corruption is the glue to keep the Abhisit government together

Matichon, a newspaper here in Thailand, says the Yingluck government is investigating a massive amount of cases involving potential corruption during the Abhisit government.

  • What is going on?

Structurally, when the Thai establishment got together to put-together the Abhisit government, it ran into a question. That question was, “How far do we go with corruption?”

  • The fact is, a poll of the Thais were made during the Abhisit government, and the poll said the corruption under Abhisit government, was the worse in Thailand‘s history-worse than during the Taksin time. And in fact, a global transparency unit saw corruption under the Taksin government, improving, to the point that under Taksin, transparency was higher than during Abhisit government.

But during the formation of the Abhisit government, it involved inciting a Taksin supporter to take side with the Democrat Party. One of the tool to incite that Taksin close support, was to promise that corruption charges under him, for alleged corruption during the Taksin time, would be dropped and that no new corruption charges would be bought against him.

  • The answer to that question, again, on how far will the establishment let the Abhisit government engage in corruption-was settled by the Thai military that said, quote: “Corruption is not a condition to stop support for Abhisit, but the condition for the formation of the Abhisit government.”

Thus as the poll of the Thais say, corruption under Abhisit became the worse in Thailand’s history-and corruption spread everywhere.

The Democrat Party is now on a collusion course with the Pheu Thai Party, trying to create a special situation for the party to return to power-after a crushing defeat at the poll.

To counter the Democrat Party, Matichon says, the Pheu Thai Party has created a “Very High Powered Team” packed with attorneys and senior inside people to go after the Democrat Party for corruption-when Abhisit was in power.

Thus far, the number of corruption instances has been put as high as close to 200 cases of corruption.

One thought on “Justice: The politicization of Thai corruption, called “Worse in History”

  1. Isn’t it Standard Operating Procedure for just about every incoming Thai government to mount investigations into its opposing predecessor – to establish who became “unusually wealthy” and pursue charges against them? Presumably, most of those who get the finger pointed at them hope that the process will take so long that, by the time the issue comes to trial, the government will have changed again and the charges will simply evaporate using whatever technicality comes to hand.

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