Politics: Polls What? American General Patton said in WW2 “We can still lose the war”

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  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Brother, one after another poll says the Pheu Thai Party will win the election. Even in Bangkok, the Pheu Thai Party leads.

Great, but as General Patton said during WW2, quote: “The 7th army is always ready….. We can still loose this war.”

And while the current polls is a source of good news for those fighting for democracy, liberty, justice and human rights in Thailand-everyone should keep in mind, two perpetual polls on Thai politics, going back a very long time now.

Abhisit is sexy to young women voters:

First, the Democrat Party strong supporter are young women in cities across Thailand who loves how hansom and charming Abhisit is. And who can argue with that, if Thai Intel is a lonely women in the modern age of coldness and alienation in the many cities all over Thailand, Thai Intel would probably love Abhisit so much also. In fact,  there have been a few reports of Abhisits election campaign that when he appears, the young women crowed go wild cheering him as if Abhisit is a rock star.

And this is a very big chunk of Thais, that can swing the close elections in the many cities at the moment. The problem for Abhisit here, is converting those who loves him on superficial grounds to actually go out and vote for him. Since most likely, this supporter base are just so superficial, if there is a sale at Central World on the day of the election, most of them would probably be going to vote for buying up shoes and purses or something like that. So Thai Intel advice to Abhisit is to use the elite connection, to make sure there is no sales on the election day.

A locked-in Southern Thailand:

Then secondly, there have been much written in Thailand about how the Southern people of Thailand will vote for the Democrat Party, even if the Democrat Party sends the “Big and Long” electricity poles to run for elections. And who can argue with that. And here it is also important because the Party List winners are the party that gets lots of the total number of votes. And the Southern Thai people, have consistently been heavy voters turnout and most of them, like about 90% vote for the Democrat Party.

  • So as Thai Intel says, never underestimate how important having a big dick and sex appeal is-so just remember what General Patton said.

And by the way, general Patton, a tank commander, had tanks with much smaller guns than Hitler did, but his 7th army, was one of the most mobile and gutsy there ever was in the history of the American military.

So for the Pheu Thai Party, keep going out and meet the Thai people-and the more the better.

The Bottom-Line Poll:

A poll says Thais wants to see political parties campaign on policies, and not on mud slinging. Perhaps after years of political turmoil, the voters want solutions and reconciliation. This off course, fits in with the Pheu Thai party strategy and goes directly against the Democrat Party attempt to paint the Pheu Thai Party as evil incarnated.

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