Politics: As Thai politics boil over “Best Kept Secrets” emerge

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A famous Thai journalist once wrote two things, any observer of Thailand should keep in mind, and they are: “First, there is a fog over Thailand and, second, they will keep saying the same thing over and over till listeners give up and believe them.”

But some fog are lifting and the old repeated words are being broken with “Fresh and New” information.”

Who are the Yellow Shirts Protesters? There have been rumors that much of the Yellow Shirts protesters, that destabilized the many governments close to Taksin, were in fact Democrat Party supporters that were bused in by the party. Well, Voice TV, had an interview of a Yellow Shirts leader, and the leader said it plainly on Voice TV that the reason the Yellow Shirts is getting so few supporters these days, is because most of the people who supported their protest, in fact, were supplied by the Democrat Party. And thus because of the break between the two, the Democrat Party have stopped supplying the protesters.

Who formed the Abhisit government? There have been rumors about how the Thai military put together the Abhisit government by pressuring the smaller parties to join Abhisit. Well, today a leader of one of the small parties, said in public that the party did not want to join the Democrat Party, but it could not refuse the pressure that was bought onto it to join the Democrat Party.

Who is attacking Yingluck? As it is very well know now, the leader of the Yellow Shirt, Sondhi, said the Democrat Party are behind the people spearheading the charges against Yingluck, Taksin’s sister, who is running for Thailand’s next prime minister.

Who trying to over-throw Monarchy? To legitimize the bloody crackdown on the Red Shirts protesters, the Thai military had to generate a great deal of hate towards the Red Shirts. Many believed, one way that was done, was by producing a complicated map of hundreds of inter-linking people and then accusing the entire group of that linking people as trying to over-throw the Thai monarchy. In court testimony, the Thai military reversed its earlier position and made adjustments to what it said, prompting a person who sued the Thai military over the accusation, to withdraw the case.

There are still many unanswered questions, that have only gotten a rumored answer.

Who ordered the bloody crackdown? Perhaps, the biggest question is who ordered the bloody crackdown? Here there are many rumors. Some say it was Abhisit. Others say it was Prayuth and Daopong, the hawk in the Thai military, over-riding Abhisit’s rejection. Other said it was someone high-up in Thai royalism.

Who is in control of Thai justice and law enforcement system? Perhaps the next most important question, is if Prem, the privy council to the Thai King, indeed is controlling the highly politicized Thai justice and law system. Here, Thai Intel was the first to exposed the “Songkhla Net-Work” of senior judges, that are highly influential in the entire Thai justice system, that share a back-ground in Songkhla province with Prem.

In the future to come, perhaps more of the “Smoke and Screen” and “Fog” covering Thailand, might be lifting-and the “Stone-Walling” of repeated lies might loosen its effect on the Thai people.

It is critical, that the Thai people realized what is the truth about Thailand. Without knowing the truth about Thailand, the sickness that infects Thailand, will likely never be cured.

One thought on “Politics: As Thai politics boil over “Best Kept Secrets” emerge

  1. Here’s another question. Who was the guy in sunglasses who seemed to be coordinating operations by the Black Shirts (not the Red Shirt Guards) last May?
    [Source: Human Rights Watch report “Descent into Chaos” page 46.]

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