Competitiveness: IAEC makes demand on Thailand before approves Nuclear Energy

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  • By Pooky, Thai Intel’s economics journalist

How will the Thai establishment react, to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) demand that Thailand pass laws relating to nuclear energy-as nuclear energy is a Thai goal and is important for Thailand‘s long-term energy security?

The laws, are being demanded by a global level unit and will have to be written by Thai law makers, and debated in parliament. But clearly, the Thai laws on nuclear energy, will be scrutinize by IAEA.

Without such laws, the IAEA will not allow Thailand to have internationally recognized nuclear power program.

Will the Thai establishment come to understand globalism better?

Or would their xenophobia and extreme nationalism drive the Thai establishment in the other direction.

Thailand is filled with physics experts, to the level of being cutting edge-and can in theory, go about developing a nuclear program on its own, such as Iran or North Korea has. However, that will take decades.

Xenophobia is rampant in Thailand.

When the Thai establishment, made up of the royalist, elite and military rulers, say, quote: “Foreign values such as democracy, liberty, justice and human rights are foreign concepts that have no place in Thailand” the statement does not just exhibit extreme level of nationalism, but the statement is indicative of “Real and Utter Beliefs” in the statement.

That Thai establishment, through countless examples, has demonstrated highly anti-globalism and anti-modern values position.

Take the bilateral position on the Phra Viharn temple conflict  with Cambodia as an example or the total disregard of human rights or freedom of the press unit’s position on Thailand as another example.

Culturally, for the elite Thais it is much of the same, with utterances, so often, that, quote: “Foreigners should stay out of Thailand business and Thais should not listen to foreigners.” The Thai army chief recently said, quote, “Thais can not have freedom of thought….Freedom is a foreign concept that has no place in Thailand.”

Here in Thailand, major English language press, where Freedom House just rated the Thai press, “Not Free” such as the Bangkok Post or the Nation, continues to write about the greatness of the “Asian Way” against “Western Values.”

But the globe moves ahead and “Globalization is real.” And against the Thai establishment backdrop of “Extreme Nationalism” and “Xenophobia” more and more of Thailand’s future depends on a Thailand that meshes well with the globe.

Thailand’s mesh with the globe, apart from economic, has been a “Total Failure.”

There are many example of whyThailand’s future is tied to globalism and not nationalism. For example, the Thai economy is now tied about 100% one way or another to the global economy. To the extent that, the livelihood of millions upon millions of Thais, is in the hands of foreigners.

No where, is it more clear, that Thailand’s future depends on Globalism than in the energy area.Thailand simply depends on foreign energy to drive the economy and also the everyday life of every Thai.

In an energy hungry globe, increasingly, nuclear energy has become the main way to sustainable energy supply.

Globally, the IAEA regulates nuclear energy. The latest, relating to Thailand, is that the IAEA has rejected Thailand’s application to construct nuclear energy plants. That rejection is based on lack of Thai nuclear energy laws.

The IAEA in fact, is telling the extreme nationalistic and xenophobia Thais, to write and pass laws, according to global norms of behavior.

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