Journalism: The “Block” of Red Shirts radio stations & Pheu Thai Party TV

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel humanity journalist

Just a brief note:

It is official, the police is charging 13 Red Shirts community radio station with lese majeste in a raid that have closed all 13 stations, with the police saying anyone who blocks the arrest and closure warrants, will be arrested.

The Red Shirts have been protesting at a few, in an attempt to keep the stations running.

Meanwhile, Matichon reports that the Pheu Thai Party tape introducing the party, as funded by the election unit for all political parties to do so and air on TV, has been rejected to run on TV, particularly, the Thai Military Channel 5.

Again, Thai Interl just wants to inform all of Thai Intel’s readers-that the hope and dream that the election will be fair-has been lost-and the royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand-will do anything, however un-fair and illegal, to en-sure the opposition party loose the election-and the Red Shirts crushed.

God saves Thailand, the future bodes ill.

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