Royalism: Abhisit says “For Red Shirts to go on talk show that Thai a princess appeared is lese majeste”

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

The Democrat Party is coming un-glued and going quite “Insane.”

Recently, a Thai princess went on a talk show and said a lot of stuff that a well-known Democratic activist, just simply asked her after he saw the interview, quote: “Why do you only talk about the burning of a shopping center as hurting Thailand, but do not talk about the killed protesters.”

That Democratic activist is kind to the princess, as Thai Intel also saw the whole interview and it is just “Pure Sickening” showing that the Thai palace is entirely politicized and even the talk show host eating the princess dog food with the princess dog at the foot of the princess.

A Red Shirts leader, said days ago that he would also like to go on that talk show. That is all that the Red Shirts leaders said.

Abhisit, the Thai prime minister, spokesman said today, quote: “For the Red Shirt leader to want to go on the talk show is lese majeste.”

  • If That is not insane enough, consider this.

The Thai finance minister, Korn, just said days ago that he went on a Taxi cab and the driver was a Red Shirts. Korn said he had a conversation with the taxi cab driver and before leaving the taxi Korn said he told the driver not to be violent.

The social network, immediately responded. One reply asked Korn, quote:

“Do you remember the taxi color and where you got onto the taxi cab and where you got out. And how did the many body-guard you have squeezed into the taxi cab with you. What happened to your personal car. What happened to your official position car. What happened to your entourage. I am just asking because I am a journalist and want to interview the taxi cab driver.

About an hour after that posting went up, Korn erased that posting from his social network. It was not the only one that Korn erased, but about 20-30 replies were erased along with the journalist question.

  • If that is not enough, consider this.

A few months back the Democrat Party faced a dissolution case. A court insider came out with a series of video clips showing lobbying at the court that was to judge on the case. The court freaked out and pressed charges with the police on that court insider. The insider fled Thailand. “You are right” the court did absolutely “zero” investigations into the lobbying.

The insider just returned to Thailand and went on the Red Shirts stage and gave a killer of a speech on the court in Thailand being like game of soccer with un-fair referees, line-man, stadium ownership and team ownership.

So today, the Democrat Party said, quote:

“The speech by the insider is slanderous to the court and the Democrat Party legal department will press charges against the insider for slandering the court.”

Where did that came from? Well, in Thailand, privy council Prem holds the Thai justice system very much in his hands. And so in exposing the Democrat Party dissolution case lobbying, it leads to Prem and his boss higher up.

  • If that is not enough, consider this:

Southern Thailand just got hit by a devastating flood. But many Southerners are protesting the government response to the crisis for a variety of reason. So since Southern Thailand is the Democrat party strong hold, and to have them protesting their own party is greatly embarrassing, so the Democrat Party is putting a great show of them in action to help the people.

News leaked out that several Thai TV stations were ordered to accompany the Democrat Party people as they meet the people to help and to televise the help as many times as possible. But then today came the news that, quote:

“Democrat Party angry at the press for helping the flood victims better than the government is doing.”

Where did that come from? Apparently, the press have been raising funds to help the flood victim and news of the press helping the victims have been getting more air time than the government help.

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