Royalism: Royalist eating royal dog’s “dog food” & Red Shirts called “Scumbag”

sharing a bone with a royal dog anyone?

  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Thailand is a divided country, between those who loves Thai royalism and those who loves democracy, liberty and justice.

Nearly, everyone agrees to that fact, but the problem is off course, no one knows what the solution that “Fits All” will be like.

Many have proposed the Japanese or the UK form of royalism, but few is answering the call. The royalist says Thailand is unique and Thai royalism must be protected at all cost. And yet, the reality of the situation, is that more and more Thais are wishing for democracy, liberty and justice.

How divided is Thailand? Consider the following:

On one side: Eating dog food with a princess dog at the feet of a princess!

So I was surfing the internet, and came across a video clip of a famous Thai talk show host, sitting on the floor at the feet of a Thai princess in his interview of that Thai princess, and incredible as it sounds, was eating food the princess gave the dog with the princess dog, that was also sitting at the feet of the princess.

  • The eating food with the dog eating event, televised throughout Thailand in the past week, is meant to show how royal the talk show host, and the Thai people, is to members of the Thai royalty.

Those who are fighting for democracy, liberty and justice in Thailand, just freaked out because of the talk show host actions.

  • “This type of behavior is why we must press on and fight for democracy in Thailand,” said Thong, a Red Shirt on his Twitter. “I will never be a royalist, if it means eating with a dog at the feet of a princess,” said Ying, another Red Shirt on Facebook. “Human beings have pride. Where is his pride to do that on TV for everyone to see,” said Sonntaree, on her Twitter.

Even a non-Red Shirts, Nung, that I have coffee with nearly every day, said, quote:

“That is way too much. I love Thai royalism, but will never go that low. His behavior makes me sick to the stomach.”

Again, how divided is Thailand?

On the other side of eating a royal dog, dog food: The Red Shirts are called “Low Class and Low Life Scumbag”

A few days ago, the Thai military chief Prayuth, for one reason or another, called the Red Shirts leaders, quote, “Liew.”

  • “The Thai press should not listen to these “Liew” Red Shirts leaders…..They are nothing but trouble makers…..Thai royalty must be protected,” said Prayuth.

The Thai language is a complex web of shadow and tone.

Last year, before the brief civil war in Thailand, the royalist called the Red Shirts in Thailand “Prai” meaning “Low-life and a Bad person.” In English it is something, again, like “Low Class and Low Life Scumbag.”

The Thai language, as full of shade as it is, the word “Prai” is also similar as the word “Liew.” In fact, the dictionary gives one definition that “Prai” is a “Liew” person.

So Prayuth, in fact, just bought up the “Prai” connotations of the Red Shirts again.

Thailand looks and feel like a “Merry Go Round.”

When the royalist started to call the Red Shirts “Prai” last year, the Thai society at large was shocked, as the Thai society was on the verge of a “Class War” back then, and for the royalist to come out and “Add oil to the flames of fire” well, it was just a very dangerous situation for Thailand.

Fearing that “Class War” a consensus was reached, the royalist must stop calling the Red Shirts “Prai” and literally speaking, in a 180 degree reversal, overnight, the word “Prai” disappeared from the Thai political landscape.

Now, as Prayuth had demonstrated, it is now “Liew” we are talking about.

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