Thai Culture: Would Suthep wear a suit to shine Taksin’s shoe

Suthep in a suit shining Taksin's shoe, now that is incentive

It has been cold in Bangkok for the past few weeks, and like many my skin is dry-so my face feels tight, itchy and lots of cracks and wrinkle.

Yet as I stood in Tessco, I noticed the news stand and saw Thai Rath‘s continuing saga about Suthep’s utterance that, quote: “If Taksin returned to Thailand, I would greet Taksin at the plane in a suit and shine his shoe.”

“Yes” Suthep said that, but then denied he said it, quote: “The journalist mis-understood my words.”

Then today, I remember a Red Shirts leader saying something like, quote: “Suthep is too low a life-form to shine Taksin’s shoe.”

As I stod in Tessco, looking at Thai Rath and wondering about “Shoe Shining Suthep”, and how ridiculous Suthep would look like in a suit and giving Taksin a shoe shine-then on the radio in Tessco came news about Big Jiew, a former general now fighting for democracy and justice in Thailand recommendation that Suthep use some Pond skin cream.

That is because according to Big Jiew, Suthep’s face has “Wrinkled” since coming to be the government’s deputy prime minister of security-that overlooked last year brief civil war in Thailand.

Like is this the Suthep day or what? There is no getting away from him!

So I had a decision to make! My face tight and itchy and so will it be Ponds, Ganier, Oil of Olay or something else! Like this little package called “Kuan Im?

Yesterday, there was big news in the Thai newspaper and social-network about a new book by Suthep on the brief Thai civil war last year-and so I went to Post Today newspaper that hates the Red Shirts to the maximum to get lots of detail about Suthep’s book.

I read about half of what Post Today wrote and had to stop reading it-because it is filled with “Blame the Red Shirts” for everything, like the Red Shirts planned to get lots of people killed in advance of their protest and that type of stuff.

Well, it struck me since yesterday, in reading Post Today about Suthep’s book, that it was like those high government people who said about 2 weeks ago, quote: “Red Shirts got killed because they ran into bullets.”

But I was in Tessco. And right there on the shelf next to Ponds, Oil of Olay and Ganier was a skin cream called “Kuan Im.”

Well, I am no Chinese but have lots of Chinese friends and most of my Chinese friends are avid followers of “Kuan Im” the women Chinese Godess.

Kuan Im is loved by the Chinese because she loves to save animal lives. In fact, Kuan Im teaches against the taking of lives very strongly. Her followers, mostly, vegetarians who does not eat meat.

So as I was standing there, listening to the radio in Tessco-it occurred to me, what if Suthep was a follower of Kuan Im? Like would the lives of about 100 Red Shirts protesters been spared.

Maybe Suthep needs to use the Kuan Im cream to cure the wrinkles on his face. Since if Big Jiew is correct and Suthep face has wrinkled-it must be from the guilt and worry of killing so many Red Shirts.

Like maybe if Suthep used Kuan Im cream, it may absorbed into his soul that killing is wrong.

But then Suthep is just trying to get away with the killing-where just a few days ago, the Red Shirts said they will press ahead for accountability-even if it means another pro-longed protest by the Red Shirts.

Like for sure, someone better hurry up and buy Suthep some Kuan Im facial cream-and also some shoe shining cream as well.

One thought on “Thai Culture: Would Suthep wear a suit to shine Taksin’s shoe

  1. I don’t think Thaksin belongs in Thailand. He said so himself that he is Montenegrian.
    Why would people still worship the person that despises his own nationality while also lying through his teeth?


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