Politics: Taksin vs Nevin & the Thai Premier League “Failure”

Taksin was very happy with Manchester City

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

When one thinks about the Thai Premier League-one thinks about 2 things. First, Muangthong United and their championship win, and then the team from Burirum Province of Taksin political friend turn Taksin political foe, Nevin-Burirum with its strongest and rowdiest fan base in the league.

The league is a big success and widely popular. Even True Cable TV, broadcast every Thai Premier League match. And Thai newspapers are filled with reports on the league’s matches.

Checking-out Taksin latest Twitter today-I was struck by the Taksin message, “Thailand lacks strategic thinking and thus there is few targets and goals set. And so the work in Thailand is done on a day-to-day basis.”

Say what?

That sounds like the old saying in Thailand that Thai civil servants would just, “Eat in the morning and then eat in the afternoon.” Then there is another saying that “Search for food in the morning and eat in the evening.” Can Taksin be right, that there is little advance planning in Thailand?

Well, the latest flood that have killed about 50 in Southern Thailand-just saw some academics calls for a “Total Revamp” of national disaster management. But this latest flooding in Southern Thailand, that is coming with a drought in much of the rest of Thailand-have like been re-occurring for a few years now.

Like just months ago, there was another flood, with the Thai prime minister having to apologies for his slow reaction-then now after another disaster, talk of a “Total Revamp.”

But apart from the flooding and drought, there is no where that what Taksin just Twittered can be more true than the Thai Premier League.

Goal.com reports:

The “Thai Premier League Clubs must improve or face boot from Asian Champions League In 2012.”

That is right, the pride and joy of millions in Thailand might be muted in Thailand because of its failures.

But when one thinks of soccer in Thailand, it is still Taksin and his Manchester City purchase buy into the UK Premier League. Well, maybe it is that Taksin magic, but Manchester City gained a big following in Thailand, even today and the club-has been moving up the rankings.

Well, as Manchester City have been moving up since Taksin, Thailand had launched the Thai Premier League now for a few years-and the league, as a whole, appears to be moving down-hill.

Goal.com reports:

AFC Director of Competitions Tokuaki Suzuki, who recently led an assessment of the clubs, praising the “hard work” put in by the Football Association of Thailand but also issuing a stern warning-saying “Thai clubs need to improve the standard of their stadia, media facilities and youth development.”

“Thailand still has some weak points such as stadiums, media facilities and operations, and youth development…..If the clubs cannot improve their facility and programme to meet the criteria, they will not be able to play in the AFC Champions League from 2012-2013,” Suzuki said.

Criteria for entry into the Asian Champions League not only covers the performances of clubs on the continent but also the professionalism, marketability and financial strength of leagues and clubs. A recent general assessment report released by the AFC had the Thai Premier League ranked second-last overall in a report on eleven leagues in Asia.

The Premier League was deemed to have one of the lowest technical standards, better only than its Indonesia equivalent and behind the UAE, China and Qatar, as was the case for its stadia, marketability and promotion. It ranked last in business scale, as well in the average income of its clubs compared to other leagues.

But seriously, Nevin is just so proud of his Burirum team, to the extent that his wife, goes and cheer-lead the team at every match. Many says, even, that the Burirum team is Nevin’s best political tool.

But is that it from Nevin-as the league gets deeper into trouble?

Is this the great Nevin who once was Taksin right-hand man? Is this the much feared Nevin, who some speculates will become the next Thai prime minister? Again, is this the much feared Nevin by everyone of his management skill?

Like is this the best management efforts of Nevin? Perhaps Taksin is right-there is little strategic thinking in Thailand.

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