Politics: Election Nears & the Thai Farmers’ “Happiness Index” shows mixed results

by Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

  • Election might be near so how does the Thai Farmers Feel?

I was having “High-Class E-Sarn” food this morning, and just picked up a few days old Krungthep Turakij newspaper in the restaurant-and spotted news on the latest “Thai Farmers Happiness Index.”

Well, thinking about the next election, the question “how the Thai Farmers feel” thus became interesting-especially, with the Nation Group owned Krungthep Turakij ran the report with the headline “Farmers Happiness Zooms.”

That seem odd, giving that a lot of Thai farmers have been protesting recently-like rice farmers blocking major roads by pouring rice over the roads.

Well, knowing how much the Nation Group love to kiss the Democrat Party’s ass-well, that was the clincher for me to look at the poll. Like another joke.

Well, Thai Farmers Happiness want up from about 77 when a government of Taksin was in control a few years ago, to 80 currently-and if one would call that “Zooming Up” or not I do not know.

But also in detail, on “Economics Factor” the happiness index fell from 69 under that Taksin government to 68 currently-and this is probably why the protest, especially, after the current government changed the Thai rice subsidy system massively and promised “Sky High” satisfaction to farmers.

What really did pushed the Thai Farmers Happiness Index up, from 77 to 80-is mainly in “Education” however that went from 53 to 59, “Environment” that went from 63 to 67 and “Health” that went from 97 to 99.

Well, the Democrat Party, unlike every other Thai political party-have always seen the Education Ministry as a “Grade A” ministry-that it will do anything to control.

It is a mixed really, between the party’s tradition and the fact that there are millions of teachers and university students in Thailand-and that is just such a massive voter base.

But the problem is, I just read a few days ago, about the Thai National Education Test-where every Thai students at the 6th grade and the 3rd year in high school were tested.

And the sad fact is, in all 5 core area of proficiencies-Thai, English, Math, Science, and Social-the average score for Thailand as a whole was below 50% level.

There is an old saying in Thai politics-that the Democrat Party of Thailand is a killer at politics-but is just plain lousy at managing the country.

The Democrat Party, through the past 70 years or so of constitutional mornarchy politics in Thailand mixed with the coups and all-have like been mostly in control of the Education Ministry.

The real sad fact is, Thailand’s education system have been on a multiple-bouts of reform-over and over-but nothing gets better.

Global level academics have pointed out, that the Thai educational system is mainly there to produce graduates that serves the royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand-by stemming creative, critical and objective thinking skill.

Does anyone still needs proof that the Democrat Party-have delivered to the royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand-exactly that type of students?

Should Thai farmers be happy about Thai Education, for their happiness on the subject to see the score  “Zoom Up Massively” from 53 to 59? What caused that zooming up? Lots of freebies, off course.

Then on health, where the score also went up nicely, will the Thai Farmers forget that it is Taksin who delivered “Universal Health Care” to the Thai people?

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