Competitiveness: As Middle East boil & Palestine gets internet start-up money

Diagram of venture capital fund structure for ...

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Blog Note:

The Middle East is rocking to its foundation from social media enlightening the people there of their power and rights for better life. Protesters continue to hit the streets in protest-very much organized through the social media-with internet sites like wikileaks spurring them on.

It is interesting to note, that a venture capital fund is now there to invest in Palestine high-tech firms.

The following is from Emerging market Private Equity Blog:

Palestinian Technology Venture Fund MEVCF Launches Operations (Middle East)

PRNewswire (03/09/11)

The Middle East Venture Capital Fund (MEVCF) has announced that it has secured US$28.7 million in commitments. The fund will invest in Palestinian startups focused on the internet, mobile and software sectors. Those making commitments include Cisco, Google, The Soros Economic Development Fund, Skoll Foundation, Jean and Steve Case and the European Investment Bank.

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