Environment: Thai news unit says 300 Thais in Tsunami hit Japan province, overall 50,000 Thais in Japan


Blog Note: While the official number of Thais in Japan is at about 50,000, there are many Thais in Japan working illegally-namely in the night time business. While these establishments are operated namely in the large cities, many of these establishments also operate in large populated provinces-like the quake and tsunami hit area.

The Thai government was greatly embarrassed over its slow handling of getting Thais out of the middle east-and had to make several apologies to the family of those trapped in the middle-east.

The following is from the National News Bureau of Thailand

8.9 Quake in Japan prompt concerns for safety of Thais


11 March 2011


The Thai embassy in Tokyo has been coordinating with Japanese authority in bringing Thai nationals living in Miyagi to safety after the 8.9 magnitude quake has rocked the province earlier today, prompting tsunami warnings in Japan as well as other countries in the Pacific Ocean.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokersperson Mr. Thani Thongpakdi has revealed this afternoon that there are 300 Thai people living in the quake hit province, Miyagi, and most of whom are wives of Japanese citizens. The rest of them are students. In Tokyo alone, there are 20,000- 30,000`Thais while there are 50,000 Thai citizens in total in Japan.

Communications have been affected by the deadly quake as people have now been told to evacuate immediately to higher grounds. The Thai embassy in Tokyo has been trying to get hold of Thai citizens who could still be in Miyagi and those who are living in the risk area. Anyone concerned over the safety of their love ones in Japan can contact the Office of Protection of Thai Nationals Division at 02-575-1046-9 or 02-643-5000, 24 hours a day.

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