ASEAN Defense: A video “Scares” the Thai security establishment

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  • How far did the Thai security apparatus went to prove their point!

Back about a year ago, the Red Shirts protesters went protesting that ended in a series of killing of the protesters. Filled with anger over the killing, it is believed many went on a rampage of destruction and burning buildings.

That reaction, to the killing, in going about said causing a rampage and burning-alienated many against the Red Shirts protesters.

But about 6 months ago, video were leaked out-pointing to the possibility of another angle to the burning-particularly at the Central World Shopping Center.

Now the opposition plans to show that video clip in the up-coming parliamentary debate.

  • And all hell is breaking loose!

The Thai army chief, Prayuth, the Thai Air-Force chief and the government Security Chief-all have been making statements of what the local Thai press calls “Angry Statements” to the opposition planned showing of a controversial “Video” of who burned down the Central World shopping center.

If Thai Intel readers are interested, do a research on Bangkok Pundit, because Bangkok Pundit-literally spent hours taking the video clip apart in detail-pointing out things like communications equipment on people who had control over the shopping center.

  • What is the bottom-line?

Thai Intel saw are read all of the video clips and analysis-and to Thai Intel, the bottom-line is that before the video clip-Thai Intel was like 100% sure pissed off protesters, who saw their friends killed-went breaking into the shopping center and burned it down.

But then after the video clip, all Thai Intel can say is that there are now doubts of who actually did the burning-since it appears that the military was in control of the shopping center.

What is interesting, is that the above mentioned people-are like literally freaking out about the showing of the video clip.

The Thai Air Force Chief says, quote: “The law and regulations should be looked at if the opposition are allowed or not to talk about their crime in burning the shopping center.”

The Thai military chief, Prayuth, said quote: “There can not be reconciliation with criminals” referring to the showing of the video clip.

Then the guy in charged of security for the government, Suthep, says the video, quote: “Will be edited.”

The bottom-line is not in the parliamentary debate, however-like for certain, the government can managed to hid the truth one way or another. Already, there are talk of other video showing other things that happened.

Furthermore, the Thai people-are as fictionalized and entrenched in their opposing view as anything-and thus, there is little hope that some space exists for the truth to emerge as a consensus.

And one thing is for certain, with so much at stake-meaning the assumption that the Red Shirts protesters are violent instigators-for certain, the establishment will not let the opposition score points.

  • But the key reaction to watch is the media

A few media, have been saying in their reporting, of the burning incident, several times now, that they are now un-sure who actually burned down the central world shopping center-as the video have been floating around for a long time now and have been analyized by the likes of Bangkok Pundit and others in detail.

The real hope, is that the truth may register with some people-such as the media, regardless of what they print for public consumption.

  • Other cases?

Thai Intel just also wants to add, that in fact, some street battle-have been proved by eye witness to have very much been staged for the press to report negatively on the Red Shirts.

Take the burning of the Stock Exchange of Thailand-where eye witnesses said they saw police and the military guarding the building let people into the building-just before fire broke out.

There could be two interpretation here on the Thai Stock Market burning-that the police and military were afraid to block people from entering the building, or they on purpose let the people-un-known as who they are to us-enter the building and to set fire to the building.

Lastly, one thing is certain, at the height of the chaos of Bangkok-the media went reporting of the “Burning of Bangkok.” In fact, the news was that Central World shopping center and its attached hotel also went burning.

The fact is, the “Burning of Bangkok” proved days latter, to be a much smaller event-even at the Stock Exchange of Thailand, only the lobby saw damages and at the Central World, only one department store went engulfed in flames.

One thought on “ASEAN Defense: A video “Scares” the Thai security establishment

  1. Central World had some decent damage done to it, but it probably was a false flag operation.

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