Politics: Respect of Thai government at “All Time Low”

Blog Note:

  • Money can not solve all problems!

It does not take much to see that the Thai government is loosing much of its luster.

As one foreigner noted, the Thai government does not have the mandate from anyone-but simply stay in power because of its ability to divide up the spoils of war.

Those words comes on-top of aged old Thai sayings, that the Democrat Party, is just so cutting edge in politics, but is just plain awful at managing the country.

Then there are those, who says, the Democrat Party, is just great at two things-and that is in “Talking” and the other is in “Making Enemies.”

Currently, just about everyone is un-happy with the Democrat Party.

About the only group that is still supports the government is the Thai military-that put the Democrat Party lead government together.

“There can be no reconciliation with the Red Shirts,” said the Thai military chief, Prayuth, today-after months and months of careful building up the Thai military standing and credibility with the Thai people.

But just look at the news link at Thai Intel, for examples-like who is left supporting the government, except for Thais from the Southern region.

One thing is clear, in economics or politics, the Thai people are rising up.

On the Thai economy-with one after another crisis, that have originated from corruption and mis-management-where for the past two years of the government, the main solution to every problem have been to throw money at the problems.

On the Thai political crisis-with one after another crisis from the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism-where for the past two years of the government, the main solution have been attack on human rights, freedom of expression and crack-down.

The over-riding strategy of the current government-have always been to protect the Thai authoritarian rule by doing anything-then after that anything-it is to remain in power through buying loyalty from anyone willing to sell it.

Regardless, of what happens to Thailand‘s future-obviously, such a strategy, fundamentally, does not solve any of Thailand’s problems.

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