ASEAN Defense: Thailand’s “Secret Police & Military within Military”

Blog Note:

“No” Thai Intel does not run with the elite circle of Thailand-like Harvard Graduates and billionaires.

But the elite in Thailand can be interesting-one moment they are with the dictatorship, the next be talking to the likes of Thai Intel.

But an observer of Thailand, a very wealthy Western Harvard graduate with long experience here in Thailand, just told Thai Intel of an interesting article in Time Magazine.

The article is about the nature and ingredients of dictatorship.

Time Magazine, off course, is one of the best globally-but observers of  Thailand, would note that Time Magazine is highly critical of the Thai Red  Shirts struggle for Democracy here in Thailand.

“Thailand is no Middle East and in fact, the Red Shirts of Thailand is a mockery of the struggle in the Middle East,” said a Time Magazine article.

But this Western Harvard graduate regular reader of Time-does not buy the Time Magazine reporting on Thailand. But he looked at the Middle East-and drew comparison to Thailand.

The Harvard graduate said the Time article, on dictatorships, pointed two main ingredients of a dictatorship.

And they are a “Military withing a Military” to keep the military in-order, and then also to the existence of a “Secret Police” to spread fear among the people in a country.

Then there are others-like a controlled media.

“What is the differences, between Thailand and the other dictatorships?…What is the difference between the killings at Rajprasong and in the Middle East?….There is no difference, except that Thailand has no oil and so the West does not care,” said the Harvard graduate.

Thai Intel was shocked off course. How can a Westerner Harvard graduate, and a multi-billionaire be saying that to Thai Intel, a well known democratic activist?

But the conversation focused on the question, if Thailand had a secret police and a military within a military-the two ingredients Time Magazine said were necessary for a dictatorship to work.

But the conclusion was that, indeed, in Thailand-the Thai DSI or the Thai FBI-is acting more and more like a secret police.

Thai Intel just wants to point out to how the Thai FBI is cooking-up charges to get rid of the opposition, white washing state crimes, and alsp spreading fear among the Thai people like the use and threat of using lese majeste.

Thai Intel just also wants to point out to the military within the military nature of the Thai military-with those having rose from some key royalist units-having now control over the military-to ensure that that circle is in control of the Thai military.

Then Thai Intel’s conversation with the Harvard multi-billionaire graduate-also focused on the media-as a tool of state propaganda-and the discussion on the role of social-media.

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