Environment: Japanese in Thailand “Shocked & Depressed at Japanese disaster”


Image by Okinawa Soba via Flickr

Blog Note: As of this reporting, the Japanese Embassy in Bangkok have put up nothing in Thai or English of the devestation that shook Japan.

Three Japanese women were spotted standing in front of a large monitor watching BBC showing the devastation in Japan-at the lobby of their upper crust condo in the Asoke area. One had tears rolling down her face as another head her hands covering her mouth-in total panic. The other looked greatly shook and in a state of depression.

They told Thai Intel that they were sent home eary from their work marketing and selling financial products to Japanese executives in Thailand.

“I do not come from there, but I have often visited the cost-line for sight-seeing,” said one Japanese women-who could hardly remain self composed.

“What will I do?” said another.

In Bangkok, it is not unusual to see Japanese women wearing traditional Kimono in some area.

There is a community of approximately 200,000 Japanese in Thailand, where some corner of Bangkok resembles Japan more than Bangkok. Many are here for the automotive industry, but many others are also here to work in the “Out-Sourcing” of Japanese back-office work to Thailand.

Mixed in with Westerner tourist, on most of Bangkok’s shopping center area are Japanese wives doing their daily shopping and socializing.

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