ASEAN Defense: French Navy Indian Ocean 4 months exercise

Blog Note:

The best National Security related people are always be in control of their faculties. But in Thailand, soldiers loves to show off their temper, as a way of reminding everyone how powerful they are.

Naval Technology  just reported that the French Navy just concluded a 4 months exercise in the Indian Ocean and also, that Indonesia has just acquired 24 F16 fighters.

The Thai foreign minister, Kasit, during the height of the Thai Cambodia conflict-said a host of countries are behind Cambodia moves and ready to support Cambodia.

During that tense time between Thailand and Cambodia-the Thai air force sent their F16s to zoom near the troubled border-to which at about the same time, 2F16s crashed into each other.

In Thailand, local press a few days ago, reports that about 8 Grippen jet fighters Thailand bought, have been delivered. Local press reports that the Thai Grippen, while being less powerful than what many other ASEAN countries are operating, are packed with advance electronics.

Local press reports the price Thailand paid for the Grippen were much higher than what other countries paid for-however, the Thai airforce said it was because of the electronic stack. Global level media have reported extensively, on corruption involved with Grippen sales to many countries.

Thailand is in somewhat of a conflict with Cambodia, a former French Colony-where in the past few days, the regional grouping, ASEAN agreed to send Indonesian observer to the Thai Cambodian border.

The Thai army chief, Prayuth, called a hot head by most Thai press and with a track record of loosing his temper in public, made several statements in recent days, saying there are those who wants to destroy the Thai military and the Thai Monarchy, and that he was ready for war with Cambodia.

Also in the past few days, a few Thai MPs in Thailand’s terrorist infected Deep South area, have called on the government to remove Prayuth for failing to stop terrorism there. Isra, an institution that tracks terrorism in Thailand, just issued a statement calling for the Thai military to stop saying the situation is improving and to re-adjust their policies.

Local press, reports a highly angered Thai military.

The following is from Naval Technology:

The French Navy has completed Operation Agapanthus 2010, a four-month exercise in the Indian Ocean held from October 2010 to February 2011.

Operation Agapanthus 2010 took place in several phases, during which the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle trained with the US aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln.

The exercise was intended to support troops contributing to International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) security deployed in Afghanistan.

The operation also included bilateral exercises with Indian armed forces, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, to test the interoperability of French forces, according to Brahmand.

The exercises also allowed the French Navy to support the fight against piracy and terrorism in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

The Following is from Air Force Technology:

The Indonesian Air Force (TNI–AU) is to receive 24 F-16A/B Fighting Falcon multirole jet fighter aircraft from the US to upgrade the current fleet.

Indonesian Military (TNI) Chief Admiral Agus Suhartono said the process of receiving the aircraft was still ongoing.

“It has been followed up by the Ministry of Defence and we are now awaiting confirmation from the US regarding Indonesia’s decision to accept the offer,” Agus added.

The TNI also plans to upgrade the fighters to include technology that could increase their operational life by 25 years, according to the Jakarta Globe.

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