Diplomacy: Thai workers in the Middle East in turmoil, with those in Libya near “Starvation” & money “Running Short”

Blog Note:

In a country run and controlled by the top echelons, the question is:

Does the bottom of society matter?

In the hope of better lives, many Thais end up in the Middle East to work. To reach that dream, many Thais leverage everything they own to reach the region.

But the Middle East and North Africa is changing. The people are revolting against autocratic rules.

One can only imagine what is going on in the minds of the Thais in the region. Very little news is coming out about Thais caught in the Middle East-particularly now in Libya-as a result of communication difficulties.

True Cable TV, for the past few days, have been reporting on the situation as related to Thai labor workers in Libya and the region.

The Thai opposition party have been urging the Thai government to rush in and help.

Thailand’s foreign minister, Kasit, after a week of crisis in Libya-just today twittered on the Thai labor situation there. All in all, on the subject, it was 3 messages. Before that, there was nothing.

“My son said  he does not have much food left, and that he was eating that as little as possible to conserve food. He says he and his friends in the labor camp are starving most of the time now,” said the mother of a Thai worker in Libya, on Thailand‘s True Cable TV News.

According to that mother of the Thai worker in Libya, the Thai workers are not being allowed to leave the labor camps living quarters-because of the dangerous situation on the streets of Libya-where those loyal to Quaddafi, the Libyan leader clinging to power and those that seek to overthrow him-are clashing.

The Thai government is planning to send planes to Libya to evacuate out Thai workers-with news that the airports there could be operational again. However, with the 1,000s of Thais there and other countries planning evacuation as well-the Thai evacuation could take some time. Then there are talks of ships.

Ships are also said to be heading to countries close to Libya, as a way to evacuate out Thai workers. However, the situation inside Libya, where parts of the country have been taken over by protesters and ally while other parts are controlled by Quaddafi-makes traveling inside the country very difficult and risky.

“My son said the news among the Thais in Libya is that several Thai have been killed and many hurt because they left the camps, some looking for food and others trying to leave the country, and were caught in the middle of the fight on the streets,” said the mother of that worker.

The mother of that Thai worker, said communications with her son is very difficult and also inside Libya.

“It is very difficult to get through to him and it takes days and days to get through, and it is the same inside Libya. My son says the Thais in Libya are also trying to contact each other to give support and help,” said the mother.

According to True Cable TV, the situation in the entire North Africa and the Middle East is highly unstable-with talks of protest to overthrow the various regime hitting other countries in the region-indicating confusion from lack of information-as the entire region media and communication is set up to serve the controlling regimes.

“There are 100,000s of Thai workers in the Middle East and North Africa, working and going to school and with the region in turmoil, Thais in the region are troubled and concern about their safety and about their future,” said True Cable TV reporter.

The reporter said most of the Thais who are working in the Middle East, have had to borrow substantial money, often putting up farm land in Thailand as collateral, to invest in their trip to work in the region.

With the situation there, most of the work has stopped, resulting also in that the salary are not being paid.

The future, of their work there and of their ability to pay off debt of getting there-is also a major concern.

Many Thais there are running out of money to survive.

“The Thai government needs to help these workers, not only with helping them stay safe with advice of what to do, get them out, but also financial help,” said the True Cable TV reporter.

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