Human Rights: More policing to protect Thailand’s “Cult of Personality” Royals

Blog Note: Well, as the Thai police goes about protecting the “Cult of Personality” that surrounds the Thai royals and is like going hyper-active, an equally powerful opposing force is also taking place.

Thai Intel have never seen the level of disrespect and sheer “hatred” of the Thai royals-at this current level-in all of Thai Intel’s journalist involvement in Thai politics media since a little before the Coup of 2006.

Words like “One Eye Monster” and “Bitch with Red Lips” is like all over the place.

The following is from a response, to the following New Mandala report on the policing to protect the Thai royals.

“As the Lese Majeste debate/debacle continues onward, upward and expands into the entire range and scope of all present-day discourse on the Thailand situation, it has become more and more apparent that it is really a discussion/debate about one of the world’s most ubiquitous and successful Cults of Personality, which has been used to brainwash, dominate and keep down an ever more restive and globalized population.

North Korea, Cuba, the old Soviet Union, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Libya, many repressive regimes have made use of the Cult of Personality technique with endless photos, paintings, reverence ceremonies of various kinds, etc., but in no country has it been used so successfully and thoroughly as in Thailand.

However, there is always an endgame problem with Cults of Personality, no matter how successfully implemented, and that is what happens when the person whom the Cult of personality is based, becomes deceased and is no longer there?”

The Following is from New Mandala:

By Nicholas Farelly

Thailand’s long list of security organisations just got longer.

According to this report and short video presentation, Chonburi (and 30 other provinces) will now enjoy a civilian force christened the “King’s protection volunteers” (sometimes written as อาสาสมัครป้องกันสถาบัน but more officially known as อาสาสมัครปกป้องสถาบัน). The Thai versions more literally mean “(Royal) institution protection volunteers”.

And in some cases this merits the tidy abbreviation อสป.

There are plenty of details on this new outfit available online. The mostthorough article tells us that this new volunteer force is an umbrella for various official, quasi-official and civilian groupings. The Village Scouts are in the mix. You may recall that Cyber Scouts are now also part of Thailand’s security landscape although they don’t get an explicit nod with the อสป.  I’m sure they’re not far away.

Another collective that has signed up to protect the royal institution under this arrangement is called the อาสาสมัครพัฒนาประชาธิปไตย (“Democracy development volunteers”, often shortened to อสพป). If you want to join them then this application form will come in handy. All you need to do is fill in your personal particulars,  pledge your loyalty to the king and the royal family, offer to re-pay the merit due to your birthland, disavow vote selling and buying, and devote yourself to the development of a correct, just and Thai democracy.Prachatai has an old article with plenty of other thoughts.

But back to the overall project of enlisting volunteers to protect the royal institution:

If you really want to dig a bit deeper then this “most urgent” instruction from the Permanent Secretary of the Interior Ministry has everything that you will want to know.  It is currently online but I have also taken the liberty of making it available on the New Mandala server. It has a range of formal statements on the “(Royal) institution protection volunteers” that somebody who wanted to probe this issue (such as an Honours student) would need.

It occurs to me that there could be a fascinating study of the ways that Thailand’s Interior Ministry continues to generate an ever-expanding list of security organisations.

And as the sun sets on King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s long reign the enthusiasm for this approach only appears to increase. It is as though all of the various internal security mechanisms deployed over the past six decades have now been revived and brought together for one, last, final hurrah.

And they are joined, perhaps not always comfortably, by the unpredictability and randomness that the digital age presents. If you don’t think you can manage a Village Scout uniform don’t forget that there are plenty of other opportunities to volunteer to protect the king.

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