Journalism: Amsterdam “White Paper” book on crackdown reached 3rd place best seller list

Blog Note: About 3 months ago, Robert Amsterdam‘s “White Paper” book on the Thai royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand crackdown on the Red Shirts protesters-went on sale at many Thai book-store. It went into the book-store getting little noticed from the Thai authorities.

However, something odd happened, and that is that at many chain book-store, the “White Paper” book started to climb the “best seller list” charts.

At B2S, for instance, where the best sellers have a special shelf, very large right at the casher counter-the “White Paper” book reached the 4th place best seller list. At other book store, it reached 3rd and even 2nd place.

The book was getting very popular and obviously being noticed-especially, with other pro-government position books-not making the best seller list.

About a months ago, a Democrat Party MP, made accusations that the White Paper book was lese majeste and said he wanted the police to investigate Robert Amsterdam for lese majeste, and, quote: “We are working with the Thai police to try and find a way to bring Amsterdam to Thailand to stand trial for lese majeste.”

The democrat Party MP also said he told the police to inform the book store, selling the “White paper” to stop selling them, otherwise they will be charged with lese majeste.

The book, subsequently disappeared from Thailand’s book store.

The Following is from the Robert Amsterdam Blog:

Trampling on the Truth the PM Mark Abhisit Way

It is now a week since my law firm submitted theUDD’s Application to the International Criminal Court and it appears that nobody within the Thai regime has read, much less comprehended, its contents.

Only today, Monday 7th February, Attaporn Ponlaboot MP, a lawmaker from PM Mark Abhisit’s ruling Democrat Party, quoted in Thai national newspaper,Matichon, proceeded to direct a series of bizarre and quite outrageous accusations towards me. Not only did he slander me by stating – without the merest sliver of evidence –  that I am trying to destroy the Thai monarchy, he also accused me of fabricating evidence regarding PM Mark Abhisit’s British citizenship.

I should point out to Khun Attaporn that it is not this law firm that decided Britain’s 1948 Nationality Act. As PM Mark Abhisit was born in the UK at the time the same 1948 Nationality Act was in force, he is, according to British law, a UK national. And, if PM Mark Abhisit has revoked his British citizenship why doesn’t he simply just provide the documentary evidence and stop our claims in their tracks? It does seem that Khun Attaporn’s shrill and stilted excuses are overburdened with a sense of abject denial.

As for trampling on “every Thais’ heart” I would suggest Khun Attaporn look at the actions of his own party and its ongoing subversion of the democratic will of the Thai people. Khun Attaporn and PM Mark Abhisit’s ruling Democrat Party would rather use army snipers against their own citizens than call an election. They would rather torture, imprison and abuse their own citizens than allow them the right to have an accountable government. They prefer mass censorship of the media and the politicised use of the nation’s lese majeste laws to the free flow of information and debate.

Yes, Thais are having their hearts – and their basic human dignity – trampled on, by the very government that is supposed to protect them and represent them.

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